Why Is My Cat Whining?

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Each cat meows too much if you’re a cat owner, you most likely start to understand well his or her cat meowing. There’s a different meaning of cat’s meowing every time he meows, from the high pitched meow to the hissing and angry growls that are likely to be followed by claws attack to make the doggy play body back up to the cat yowling meow.

In some occasions you can also hear your cat whining, this strange sound definitely means something odd, you have to try and find out what your kid kitty is trying to make you understand through it.

Cat Whining signs:

You certainly found yourself, at a certain point, debating with your kitty about an existential issue, that’s where he often comes up with that intellectual scientifically proved quote of his: “Meow!”
How deep!

Each and every cat meowing has a meaning, and a different reason, it could be a cat meowing for food or a cat meowing in order to have a conversation with his human body where he expresses his annoyance towards something and sometimes, simply the fact that he wanted to express his love for you causes cat meowing. The more you spend with your kitty, the more you start interpreting well your cat meowing and understanding why your cat keeps meowing, according to WebMD.

Many cat breeds, like Siamese, have a tendency to talk more and their cat whining is definitely a call for attention. However, you can hear your cat meowing turn to cat whining, to recognize the difference you need to listen carefully to the length of the vowel sounds, as well as the pitch in her voice, according to meowingcatz. Instead of the classical “me-ow” the cat whining sounds more like a longer, flatter and higher sound.

Why Is Your Cat Whining?

Cat whining can happen because of a lot of things, for instance; having the cat owner’s attention, or just expressing stress and frustration, that is often triggered by a lot of elements, including hunger, boredom, or loneliness, and they usually are detected easily.

Sometimes, if dinner is late or if you left your kitty alone for a night or two, or even if he notices a squirrel jumping up and down outside the window, these and others triggers can make your cat whining.

Keep in mind that you can hear the cat’s yowling for much less obvious reasons. It could be old age or stress caused by a change in the cat environment or daily routine, sometimes even saying hello could contain a little bit a cat whining. However, cat whining could be triggered by pain or illness, it could be replacing the cat crying, which isn’t a light matter.

When to start worrying:

If your cat is whining, that’s mostly a sign of stress but nothing serious. But, when the cat whining starts getting long and repetitive, sometimes can even become an urgent howling. It mostly means that a deeper health issue is the reason behind it, sometimes; it can also be accompanied with lethargy, lack of appetite and not being able to drink water and other unusual symptoms, either way, a vet visit is mandatory; as your kitty must be warning you about a serious health issue.

Kidney and thyroid issues are usually accompanied by cat whining, that is why vet visits are important as well as regular checkups.

How to stop a cat from whining?

Mostly cat whining happens early in the morning or late in the night, it’s usually your cat’s way to tell you that he or she needs food, water, or maybe the litter box is to full to use; so many causes can lead to cat whining.

In order to stop your cat meowing in the morning and during the night, you should be carefully attentive to your cat’s needs and try your best to fulfill them all.

How to Teach a Cat to Be Quiet | Stop Cat Meowing |?

After making sure that this cat whining isn’t a result of a serious health issue or a need that hasn’t been addressed yet, do not respond right away to the cat whining as if you respond and come to the demand behind it that quickly, the cat might associate whining with realizing its wish.

Stay in the food, affection and play actions, wait until the kitty is calmed down then address her early wish. Also if you reward the quiet behavior, you can start having a calmer and manageable relationship for both of you.

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