Why does your cat sleep on your bed ?

Cats that do nothing but lie around
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Pets are affectionate creatures, and sometimes people need their presence in their lives. Some like dogs, others are terribly in love with cats.
Cat owners have different points of view when it comes to letting your cat sleep on your bed. And as far as Fluffy is concerned, you probably don’t have the right to object in this matter, because once you start having a cat in bed, it isn’t a choice to discuss anymore, it’s a fact to deal with!

Once your cat jumps on your bed and starts snuggling to you, you just can’t resist it even if for some reasons you don’t agree to it. But, anyway, your cat definitely has its own reasons to do that.

1# Your cat loves you:

I love you

Love spreads so fast, and karma is always working. If you’ve been giving and doing everything to your cat with love, well that’s what you’ll be getting in return. And when you see your cat sleep on your bed, it just proves your cat like you.

2# Behold, everything light touches is mine! / Ownership

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Once you have a cat, you need to give up your ownership to everything in the house, because just like you, everything light touches is his, including the bed. So you need to understand that it’s not you who lets your cat sleep on the bed anymore, it’s YOUR CAT that allows you in.

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