Do Cats Love Milk
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In popular culture cats and milk have always represented a never-ending love story. Every time we see a cat in the cartoons, we see a bowl filled with milk in front of him. After all, it’s a natural reflex that we all have, whenever you meet a cat you want to offer him a bowl of milk to enjoy. However, we never wondered: «do cats love milk? Or “Do cats drink milk or water?” or “Why is my cat obsessed with milk?” or even “is it an ingredient mixed in it that makes them all crazy about it?”

Do Cats Love Milk

Besides, cats digestive system is different than ours, thus it’s wise to ask “Is it safe for cats to drink milk?” and “What kind of milk is good for cats?”

Although it seems like an obvious topic, the cat-milk couple has acquired a lot of misunderstandings over the years. But, as the researches evolve, a lot of ideas about it have been corrected. And here’s everything you need to know about your kitty and his milk bowl!

What is it about cats and milk?

If you have a lazy cat who loves to lie down there all day long and expect his bowl to be filled with milk every time he stops by it, then you’re not alone! One of the cats’ favorite treats is milk!

Wait but, do cats drink milk? Well yes, they do, cats drink milk like they drink water. And do cats love milk? Not only they love it, they crave it!

So, why cats love milk so much? Guess what else cats crave?! It’s water and cream… gross I know! But who are we to judge?! That’s exactly why cats love cow’s milk this much. It’s because it contains cream; it’s very dense in fats. That is why, even if you don’t treat them with milk, and gave them cream instead, it would give them the same amount of satisfaction.

And do cats like milk warm or cold? In general, cats like fresh meals and drinks, so if you’re going to serve them milk, it’s preferable that you give them cold milk.

In this case, can cats have ice cream? Ok, hell no! don’t get over-excited about it. You might have thought: “well if I can give Flyfy, cream, and it can be cold, then I might as well spoil her with ice-cream.”
Well, no! that’s why you should calm down a little bit. Cats have their own ice cream that you can get them, and that goes well with their digestif system. It’s a treat but it shouldn’t be for more than once a week.
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Should cats drink milk?

Should cats drink milk
Cats love cream so much, and you can’t help with serving your kitty her favorite creamy milk every time you have the chance to, because you love her and you want her happy. But what you don’t know is that by this nice gesture of yours, you might be ruining your baby’s health.

Kittens up until four weeks have the ability to digest milk, as they have an enzyme in their digestive system called “ Lactase”.It’s the responsible enzyme for breaking down the lactose contained in milk. However, this shouldn’t be enough reason for you to drown your kitty with cow or goat’s milk.

Right after a kitten is weaned, the production of Lactase shuts down to let the system exposed to Lactose on its own, which will lead to severe health issues, such as diarrhea, upset stomach and worse.
But, Why do cats like milk if they are lactose intolerant?
Cats are like babies. You should certainly have noticed that, by now as a cat owner, right?! They do not know what’s good or bad for them. All they do if follow their guts and do whatever the hell they want, even if it could lead to DEATH. Which makes them drink milk for the simple reason that they enjoy it!

Why do cats like cow’s milk?

Kitties love cream or any type of milk that is dense with calories and fats. And cow’s milk is their favorite because it meets their criteria of perfect milk.

What can cats drink besides water?

Of course, you want to please your kitty, you’re avoiding cow or goat’s milk because you’ve done your research well. But then, what milk is safe for cats? So you start looking for alternatives. Because you know that everything forbidden is desired, and you don’t want to be that parent who restricts his kitty from eating what she craves. You’re her favorite human so you’re supposed to spoil her, c’mon!

So you think, I’ll give her soy or almond milk and you start wondering “do cats like almond milk?”
Well, what you need to know is that instead of giving your little bab’ human milk, whatever its type is, whether it’s soy or almond or any other vegan milk. She won’t be able to digest it without side effects.

Instead, you can buy cat’s milk for your kitty, as long as it’s not used daily. Because, believe it or not, milk doesn’t have any nutrients that cats need, instead, it will only increase your kitty’s weight. However, you can use it as a treat from time to time.

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Are cats allergic to almond milk?

If you give your kitty almond milk as a substitute, not only you run the risk of digestive issues, you also expose your cat’s system to a lot of allergies, which can lead to serious future complications.

Can cats drink milk from the store?

Cats are milk lovers, but very few of them can get away with getting it into their system. As a cat lover yourself you want the best for your kitty, for sure. And you try giving her the best of what you’ve got. However mistakes happened, and sometimes you get busy. So you buy her milk from the store, and because brilliant thoughts happen only after stupid deeds, you then ask yourself –after you bring your store milk at home-is it OK to give milk to cats?

The answer is: Certainly not! Because -as already mentioned- the milk designed for humans, not only has no required nutrients for your furry friend but also it gets stuck in her system and makes your baby very sick. Which why it is wiser to just give your baby water instead; hydration is always required.

Can cats drink milk or cream?

Cats are terribly in love with cream, whenever they find cream they’ll take it, if it’s creamy milk they’ll take it, if it’s milk and cream they’ll take it as well. But at what cost? We don’t stop asking ourselves what do cats like? Do cats love milk? why does my cat like milk so much? do cats like milk and bread? why do cats like milk rings? And all sort of question you can only think of during your long showers. But we forget that what we should be focusing on is our furry friends’ health. Our love for our kitty can sometimes prevent us from thinking clearly, which is our main role as cat parents.

Try hydrating your cat as much as possible, because water is more important for your cat’s health than milk. In fact, you can even adopt a dairy-free diet for your cat, it won’t harm her health. You’ll even notice the opposite. But of course, before changing your cat’s diet, it’s mandatory to consult her vet, because every kitty is unique and has its own health situation.


Do cats love milk? Well, cats crave milk, not because they don’t have enough nutrients when consuming only water with their food. But because milk is rich in fats and cream, and that is their guilty pleasure!
As you know, all the fun stuff in a healthy diet is forbidden, which is the case for cats, due to their lactose intolerant digestive system. Thus, consuming milk might have severe consequences for their health. Although it’s not the milk that your fluffy craves, it’s rather the cream contained in it.

Moreover, try not to serve your kitty any substitutes of cow or goat milk as it can generate many allergies for your cat.Instead you can get Fluffy her cat milk, not to implement it in her daily diet, but to treat her with it every once in a while. Maybe to spoil her once a week, why not?!

Finally, milk isn’t in any way of the ways nutritive to your cat. If you’re to buy your furry friend her cat milk, it’s only to give her a spoon of it every once in a while as a treat, but it shouldn’t become a habit. And don’t worry, you’re cat’s health will be just fine if you ever decide to stop serving her milk. Vote for water instead. Hydration is always important; does no harm, and does all the wonders!

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