When Is Cat Diarrhea a Concern? cat diarrhea causes

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Cat diarrhea just like children diarrhea is a sickness to worry about. Just like people, cat poop is an indicator for his health, if it comes out differently due to a shift in the diet, it’s totally normal, but if it gets a different color, smell or shape without a food change, then it’s an indicator for a deeper health issue.

So as a cat owner you need to know more about cat diarrhea, cat diarrhea causes and why sometimes your cat behaviors remain the same while your kid kitty has cat diarrhea?
I have received a question from one of our Meowing editors about her cat’s poop. She was worried that her cat had one runny poop. And also, wondered whether or not to start considering her pet not using the litter box as a vet issue.

cats pooping isn’t exactly a topic to talk about when having drinks with your bodies, but it’s a freaking huge important part of life, that is why we made a good long and detailed article just to talk about it, so let’s get to it!

The difference between regular cat poop and cat diarrhea:

cat's litter box
What you find in your cat’s litter box can indicate if he’s healthy or not. -Photography by Absolutimages/istock.

Cat poop normally has the shape of stools that are easily produced every day.They’re mostly easy to take out the litter box and are usually not dangerous.
Cat diarrhea, just like people’s, happen when indigested elements go through the intestines strangely fast, or when a great number of fluids are added to the stool by the large intestine.

There are many shapes of cat diarrhea, and each shape indicates a level of severity:

  • The strangely soft stools
  • The half shaped stools
  • The “soft serve”
  • The “cow patty”
  • The liquid
  • And the hemorrhagic.

Cat diarrhea causes:

Dealing With Kitten Diarrhea
kitten has diarrhea

There’s a lot of reasons that can lead to diarrhea in cats, some of them are more important than others; as sometimes a simple shift in the diet or a slight dietary indiscretion or the consumption of one of the cat diarrhea foods could lead to cat diarrhea.

When I was a kid I had a kitty that was lactose-intolerant. I often tried creating a Norman Rockwell-esque scene by offering her milk (by the way never give cow’s milk to a cat!), she created a very not so Rockwell-esque scene in the litter box.

You certainly use the expression “you scared the***out of me!” well when you scare a cat that is exactly what can happen, as stress is one of the may cat diarrhea causes.
Moreover, cat diarrhea can be caused by intestinal issues which are treatable or even more serious problems such as toxins, foreign objects in the intestines, liver or kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease (or simply IBD), and finally, cancers such as lymphoma or intestinal adenocarcinoma.

Is diarrhea dangerous? What if my cat has diarrhea while the cat behaviors look normal?

Cat diarrhea is certainly a health issue not to take lightly, but as we already noted not all the cat diarrhea causes are complicated, for example if you notice a soft stool right after you made a little change in your kitty’s diet and he’s still keeping his joyful cat behaviors, you might want to consider taking it back, as it was the reason behind the soft stool in the litter box, or maybe you detected that she might have gulped a suspicious but not too harmful element such as milk, that can be the reason too, and nothing to worry about, it’s a normal reaction from its little body!

Nevertheless, if you notice that your cat is a bit lazy, not having any appetite, not moving, and having several episodes of hemorrhagic diarrhea during the day, sometimes accompanied with vomiting, then you need to take him to the vet to get the cat diarrhea treatment STAT! Cat diarrhea and vomiting mostly happen together and can lead to severe dehydration.

In case your kitty is having regular diarrhea episodes even without showing the other signs, then you might want to visit the vet, as some parasite can get to people, and also IBD and lymphoma aren’t to take lightly. Chronic cat diarrhea is a serious health problem that should be treated right away.

Let’s talk about the litter box problem, cat diarrhea, and cat constipation!

In case you find a little piece of stool outside of the litter box, then the issue here is that your kitty is more likely to have diarrhea, which is the problem to focus on because cat diarrhea stress is often the reason behind the pooping outside the litter box problem.

Constipation, just like diarrhea in cats, can also be the reason why your kid kitty is pooping in all the wrong places, that happens when cats get tired from going back on forth to the little box in vain, so they start taking out the stools whenever they could. Constipation is a life-threatening issue, if not treated well and in time it can lead to taking your cat’s life because of all the stress that comes with it.

Another reason behind littering outside the box is urinary obstructions. A cat with that issue can sometimes look constipated and throw excrements outside the litter box while trying to urinate.Cat urinary obstruction is a serious life-threatening issue too.

Sometimes your cat leaves feces outside the litter box because he has a tumor that is growing is his rectum or near his anus and still look like he’s constipated, thus, a vet checkup is mandatory.

What you should keep in mind about cat diarrhea:

To sum up, once your cat seems distressed and trying to get rid of urine or feces or having cat diarrhea, act like the responsible cat owner that you are and take him or her to the vet STAT!

However, some cats let their feces outside the box without having any problem in their intestines, in this case, it can be a behavioral issue, and your first reflex should be taking him or her to the vet ASAP. Second, after having paid a good bill at the vet’s, you should come up with a behavioral plan to adjust the cat behaviors.

And always look at the bright side of every issue; finding pieces of stool is disgusting, but it’s definitely more pleasing than finding cat urine!

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