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If you adopted more than one kitty, you probably noticed frequent cat fights in your household. Cats are always picking fights even if, in general, they get along with each other. You might not understand the motive behind those cat fights, but they are important for cats for various reasons, some of them are similar to the human’s.

Angry cats fight to express their discontentment, and just like cats fighting cats, you also have cats fighting dogs. As their parent, it’s important to understand cats fight meaning, in order to restore peace and avoid future fights between your cute kitties. So why do cats fight? what does cat fight mean? And how to stop cats picking fights?

Cat fight for territory purposes:

Cat territory fights usually happen when another cat enters another cat’s territory, even if they’ve been leaving under one roof for so long. Whether it’s a female or a male cat, all cats are way more fiercely territorial than dogs.

Many people have the misbelief that only male cats get angry when their territory is invaded, when in fact male and female cats are equally territorial. And if you have two cats or more you can sometimes notice some cat hissing and growling, which is usually followed by a fight, between them whenever one of them trespasses the other’s personal area.
This happens not only to cats living together, but it’s also the case if you welcome a new kitty at home, they find themselves threatened and try to defend their territory.

Cat fight for social classes:

Cat fight for a social position is what happens when you have male or even neutered cats in the household. Especially if you have more than one mal in the group, this kind of fight is to show them “who’s the boss here?!!” You can usually notice dominant males trying to pick up fights to be what we call the “alpha male”, which is the one who stays at the top of the social hierarchy.

The fight usually starts when the postures of the two cats get sharp; tail down, ears directed to the back, claws out, and knees slightly bent, plus the hissing and the growling, if one of the kitties walks back, this means that he surrendered, thus the end of the fight.

But, if none of the cats accepts to bend the knee and accept the other’s domination, a fight fires up; one cat jumps on the other trying to bit the neck, while the other gets on his back and tries defending himself by trying to scratch and bit the other one. These two rascals will go through it all over again and again until one of the attacking cats wins this fight.

No need to start looking for ways of how to stop cat fight to interfere though, this kind of fights usually don’t live traces or cats fighting injuries, even little kitties play with each other by faking fights.

Hostile cat fights:

Westend61/Getty Images

It’s a cat fight triggered by a sort of shifted hostility. If your indoor cat feels threatened by a cat or dog walking outside the window, he or she gets frustrated, and want to defend its territory. Because “do cats like other cats ?” when it comes to their territory, the answer is: HELL NO!

However, since the threat is unreachable, the cat decides to shift this supposedly dogs cats fighting toward the one inside of the house, which is its mate.
Other than that, this cat fight can also happen when you treat them, and one of them reaches the treat before the other one, so what happens is that this cat is aggressive towards other cats to protect his treat from them.

How to stop indoor cats fighting?

Fighting with cats is common and is normal in cats’ life, as a cat owner, you probably got used to this typical cat behavior. Mostly you can detect if the cats are fighting for one of the reasons mentioned below or just playing.

Most of the times you won’t need to interfere in the cat fights, it’s best to let the kitties work it out on their own. But when you feel the need to stop the fight, be careful you need to know how to get cats to stop fighting; as the most loving cat can becomes aggressive and scratches you with its claws. If you don’t know how to stop a cat fight properly, the best thing to do is making a loud noise, like handclap to make them fear and lose interest in the fight.

Most cats are frightened of the noise, when you make a loud noise they will stop, or else you can spray water on them to make them stop and lose the temper.
If you see a cat attacked by another cat, don’t punish it; as they don’t understand why you are punishing them and they can’t get rid of their instinctive need for cat fights. What you can do to stop cats fights is interfere when you feel that you have to.

In case your little group of curtness doesn’t cease fighting and keeps fighting all the time, you need to find the reason lying behind this aggressive attitude. It could be a cat fight over a litter box, or a food bowl or a place next to the window, etc. Make sure each kitty has its own utensils and a personal place to hide where they can have a little alone time when needed. This will at least decrease the cat fights.

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