Top 10 Tips on How to Keep Your Cat Teeth Clean

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Cats have 30 teeth once they’re adults, and to keep cat teeth clean on its own might be a tough mission. Unlike cat teeth cleaning, people have so many means of taking care of their teeth but on the other side cat’s only way to do that is chewing on bones and grass, just like their ancestors used to do in the wilderness.

As a cat owner, you want to avoid your kid the pain of an expensive surgery after suffering in silence for a long time. Thus, here are ten tips to keep cat teeth clean.

#10 Be careful

Just like people cats breath smell is an indicator of dental health. The cat naturally has a soft fishy breath smell called “the kitty breath”, but if you find a strong nasty smell, it definitely is a symptom of a real oral problem like gum infections or tooth decay that needs a deep clean teeth session.

#9 A checkup once a year is crucial

Cat Food to Prevent Dental Issues
Cat Food to Prevent Dental Issues

Many people do not include a dental checkup in their schedule let alone cat teeth cleaning procedure, forgetting that if the cat’s suffering from dental issues and was left untreated, this might be a serious danger for his health.

#8 Accuracy during the checkup is highly required

Cat showing affection

If your cat bleeds from the mouth when eating dry food or if his breath got smelly, it’s important to take him to the vet. Sometimes a bleeding gum is just a simple gum that bleeds; nothing to worry about might need you to just keep your cat teeth cleaning procedure.

But if your cat’s gum bleeds, your cat’s breath acquires a strong smell and your cat salivates then these are symptoms of a deep issue; your cat might need a deep cleaning or a tooth extraction to keep cat teeth clean.

Ask your vet to meticulously check your cat’s teeth, gums, breath and everything about the cat’s oral health.

#7 A cleaning routine is a must have

Brushing cat teeth might need effort but it’s not impossible to get your pet get used to keeping cat teeth clean. Adult cats might be more resentful at the beginning that is why it’s good to have a teeth cleaning routine since their kitten days.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, it’s best to make cats get used to keeping cat teeth clean while they’re small kittens by using a finger cot or gauze, along with toothpaste made particularly for cats. To soften them and keep a pleasant impact on them you can dip your finger in tuna water before starting to rub it on your kitty’s gums.

#6 Acquire the necessary skills of keeping cat teeth clean

You need to know that you have the entire ability to keep cat teeth clean! The toothpaste made particularly for cats is available with different flavors to make Fluffy enjoy. It’s strictly forbidden to use human toothpaste on them; if ingested it might cause tremendous health issues.

The moment your kitty gets used to cat toothpaste, grab your cat from behind, cup his chin, and move his lip upwards, use the gauze or the kitty toothbrush to clean up his teeth.

Dental hygiene for cats

#5 Stimulated gums are healthy gums

Inflamed gums often indicate the presence of a decayed tooth so when you start your routine to keep cat teeth clean don’t forget to rub his gums as much as possible. It helps to accelerate the healing process and also boosts the gum so that the kitty could always have a strong healthy gum.

Gums normal color is pink, red ones are a symptom of irritation or inflammation.

#4 Cat food choices

Brushing cat teeth isn’t the only component of dental health. Food is an important aspect to consider while trying keeping cat teeth clean. Variety of dry and wet foods, a combination of fish, meat and rabbit, all kind of cat food are good in the condition that they are balanced and calculated portions.

#3 Treat to keep cat teeth clean!

It might not be enough to give your cat tartar control treats and chews, though they’ve proved their average efficiency when it comes to keeping cat teeth clean.

However, nothing can replace the regular cat cleaning; those special food supplements are good only in addition to a well-balanced diet, it’s better to keep them to reward your cat for good behavior while making your cat used to having his teeth cleaned.

#2 Chewing bones is a natural means, use it!

Bones are a big part of those predators dental health they help keep cat teeth clean, they take off tartar as well and maintain teeth and gums healthy. While most indoor cats don’t have bones in their daily routine, some veterinarians highly recommend them as a treat.

But, not any bones can be used, avoid pork, chicken or fish bones, as these could smash easily and provoke serious internal injuries.

It’s also better to use raw bones because they at less likely to smash.

#1 A preventive attitude is always the best one!

Don’t wait until your cat starts showing signs of discomfort, as a lot of cats do not show them until they have serious deep infections in their little bodies, moreover tooth decay and gum disease are not only related to the dental area as their impacts could go further impact the heart, kidney, and lead to many other serious chronic illnesses.

Keep cat teeth clean, and adopt a preventive attitude; schedule yearly check-ups, have a teeth deep clean time with your cat from time to time and don’t forget that a good diet can keep maintaining good dental health which makes your cat stay happy and healthy.

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