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9# Cat Play


Cats are very playful, everything might be a potential toy for them and everyone is a potential game body for them. This is one of the features you can use to bond more with your kitten, showing him love by choosing carefully his toys- make sure they’re not harmful- .

Also cats like to jump, to climb and to hide in bags so playing with them is an opportunity to show them the right behavior and to make them release their inter-energy and boost it through games that require using his brain and most of his body parts.

#10 Stress Relief

Cats are very sensitive creatures, their senses are very sharp, therefore every little change in their environment can make them stress. They can stress over loud sounds, house changing, adding a new member in the family or the contrary the sudden absence of one of them, these reasons and others can make your kid kitten stress and change his behavior.

The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on him, as soon as you notice a change in his behavior start looking for the probable reasons that might have caused it and try to reverse them or at least make your kid kitten get gradually used to them and put on some calming music from time to time, it helps too!

Otherwise, try to keep a kitten environment in your indoor; it enhances their kitten instincts and keeps them away from boredom, try to install a cat tree or window perches.

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