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Nobody teaches you how to expose your affection toward you kitten when you finally decide to offer one or more a home. So what do you do to make sure your kitten sees your love? What makes him feel he’s adored?

Now that you own such a lovely creature, it is your job to let him know the love you carry for him.

1# 1#Enhance your cat’s love with attention:

Photo Credit: Shikhar Bhattarai/Stocksy

Giving your lovely kitten the attention he needs to love you can involve all or some of these techniques depending on your kitten’s preferences.

Sometimes your kitten gets your attention just by hugging him, or sleeping in the same bed with him, or simply sitting with them and looking adoringly at them while he does what he does, this can sometimes be enough to show your kitten how much you love them, also this will make you feel the blessing of having him in your life, because it is!

2# Affectionate rubbing:

Nice long caressing from head to tail-end not only makes your kitten feel overwhelmed with joy and affection but it also gives you vibes of peace and a profound feeling of wellness.

Your cat would certainly prefer you to rub under his chin, behind his ears and on his back more; as those are his favorite places, but make sure you move your hands all over him to also verify the presence of any irregularities on his fur and skin like lumps or bumps that might need a vet’s visit.

3# Love Your Cats Out of Boredom With Training

Exercising for people as it is for cats is a good fulfilling activity .instead of letting your kid kitten be the cute lazy bored creature he was born to be,a fur ball of cuteness that battles with others of her kind for no special reason, wanders around your house equipment and signs it up with his urine DNA and drops whatever comes
across his way that responds to the Newton’s laws of attraction, you can make room in your schedule to a joyful moment with your love where he gets to master useful
techniques and to sharpen the old ones.

4# Cat Communication

As a cat owner you need to pay attention to your kitten’s body language, also to the different sounds the kitten meowing has.

It like interfering with a human, every little detail of theirs matters and means something. So you need to be able to decode their behavior in order for you to better come to their needs.

5# Cat Grooming

Cats are always dapper that’s because they’re constantly grooming. Despite this fact, you have to take care of their appearance from time to time.

Brushing their fur not only makes it clean and neat it also is a special moment you can devote to creating strong bonds with your kid kitten.

6# Proper Introductions

Kittens have a selfish way to love, if you decide to have a new guest in your home, well you should certainly have a delicate introducing session between the two mates in order for you to prevent your kid kitten from suspecting your affection for him, so that they can accept and maybe enjoy their new friend.

7# Cat Treats

One of the ways to show your love to your kitten is through his stomach. A treat is a must have when you have a cat.

It should be different than the usual meal. It has to have a strong smell to attract the kitten’s attention, it should be minuscule as it’s just to task, it has to have special features that make it different than the usual meals and of course your royal kid kitten should love it.

8# Catnip

Your sweet little kid kitten is known to be a cute junkie addicted to catnip, so use it for your own interest. Associate it with a toy that is unique to your dear and there you are, you just made a little heaven for your adorable kid to enjoy!

And that’s how to make your cat happy!

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