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When an indoor cat goes next to a door or house furniture, and lifts his tail, it’s usually not a good sign, simply because your cat spraying is about to happen. Cat spraying everywhere is what happened when your cat urines all over your precious furniture. It is certainly a problem for you, but don’t worry every issue can be solved, and this definitely includes cat spraying!

Some people claim that it’s a litter box problem, or a behavior one, but it’s none of them; cat spraying is your cat’s way to mark his own territory. Cat’s urine contains pheromones, which are elements that are unique and different from a pet to pet, just like fingerprints, these pheromones are your pet’s way to communicate his presence and to reinforce his ownership of his territory in front of other pets, especially if you notice a male cat spraying.

Why is my cat spraying?

Cat spraying sucks whatever your cat type is, but for your kitty, it’s a way of owning its territory, it’s important that cats mark their personal area, it makes them more relaxed and more secure. It will annoy you, as it’s very disgusting, but don’t be angry at your kitty, if he or she senses you being upset with him, the cat spraying may even increase.

Heat increases the odor of urine; thus, cats in relatively hot places or during hot seasons use their urine as an invitation for love, and cats are easily responsive to that invitation. You can notice that female cat spraying during worm seasons leads to having a whole generation of cute little kitties a few months later.
Cat spraying doesn’t only happen during warm seasons, it can also happen when your kitty picks up fights with other cats due to the stress triggered in that situation.

How to stop a cat from spraying?

Cat spraying in a real hygienic problem, it might be a natural part of the kitty’s well-being, but it’s an issue to solve. The best thing would be that your kitty keeps all of his cat spraying outside of the house, but nothing is perfect, and your kitty may be an indoor kitten that never leaves the house, in this case, you need to find an alternative for that behavior.

You ever seen a neutered male cat spraying in house? It doesn’t exist!
So the one thing you can do, which has proven its immediate efficiency is castration. Once you get your cat castrated you’ll notice the results; the day he or she has the surgery will be the day cat spraying ends in your household.

In case you wish to breed your cat one day, or just have her kitties if it’s a she, you can’t castrate, thus; you’ll need to consult the vet about other alternatives and cat spraying tips, which can help you solve the problem without the surgery, and most importantly run the necessary checkups to make sure your kitty doesn’t have a physical health issues that trigger the cat spraying behavior.

Finally, always start looking for a solution to stop cat spraying the first time it happens; don’t wait until it becomes a habit; stopping cat spraying should be your first priority!

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3 thoughts on “Tips For Stopping Cat Spraying

  1. So what if your cat sprays AFTER he’s been fixed?!?! Like YEARS after. He was fixed the first year, he’s 20. Still marking/spraying

  2. Fixed cats can 100% spray!!
    A trip to the vet is best, as there is a medication for behavioral spraying.

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