Tips for Feeding Your Cat!
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A balanced diet is of the utmost importance for the health of your cat. Food is not just fuel for the body to function.

It directly affects the condition of the fur, teeth, bones and all internal organs, especially the intestines.

Where should I put the food bowl?

Cats are creatures of habit. It is therefore important to maintain fixed feeding times from the start and to place the food and the water bowl in a fixed place. Most cat owners find the kitchen the most suitable place for this. You must ensure that the cat has a permanent place where he can eat quietly. It is also wise to put something under the food bowl because cats like to drag their food out of their bowl. Some cats play with their drinking water bowl. A tray underneath with a raised edge is then a good idea.

There are various types of food bowls for sale: from plastic, earthenware, stainless steel, glass and double trays. Everyone has their pros and cons. In addition to the food, there must always be a container with fresh drinking water.

How often do I have to feed my cat?

The amount and type of food of the cat varies depending on his age. E.g. a kitten of 8 weeks receives a small amount of dry kitten biscuits 5 times a day, whether or not soaked in a little bit of warm water or kitten milk. The reason for this is that a kitten of this age does not yet have a fully-grown digestive system, which means that the stomach is too small to contain one complete daily diet. As the kitten grows older and taller, the number of meals per day can also be slowly reduced. The portions will of course become larger. An average adult cat often needs two meals a day, for example in the morning and in the evening.

What should I feed my cat and how much?

Cats are meat eaters by nature and are therefore used to eating and consuming a lot of protein. It is therefore required that a cat food contains relatively much animal protein. The same applies to the nutrients arachidonic acid and taurine, which the cat itself does not produce sufficiently and can only get through animal raw materials.

The easiest and safest way to feed your cat is to choose a ready-made and complete cat food, such as high-quality food from Royal Canin. The required nutrients are present in the correct proportions.

In general, both dry kibbles and wet food in cans or tubs of all brands are available at a supermarket, pet store or veterinarian. The recommended amount of food per day is indicated on the food packaging. Often this is indicated in tables where you keep the amount that applies to your cat. Keep the indicated amount, but your cat becomes too fat , give a few grams less with each feed and stick to this (only with high quality food).
It is recommended that you only give your cat dry food. This is better for the teeth and prevents tartar and plaque.

There is a separate diet for every cat of every age, from kitten to adult cat. Special diet food for sick or overweight cats is also for sale. Check with your vet which food is most suitable for your cat.

My cat does not like his food, what now?

Cats are known to be very picky with food. It should of course be tasty enough to ensure that your cat gets the necessary nutrients and energy. Try food with a different taste or from a different brand. If this does not help, ask your veterinarian for help.

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