15 Tips That Make Trimming Your Cats Nails Easier

11# Use rubber or plastic cones ready to fill with air :

Cutting cats nails can cause you to be bitten, so to protect yourself put a rubber or a plastic cone on your other cat paws when trimming.

12# The sooner you begin the sooner you get a habit!

You must wonder “trimming cat nails how often?” Well the answer is obvious: whenever they grow!
The important to keep in mind is that trimming a cat’s nails might need a little training from you. When you’re not trimming your cat’s claw, make him get used to holding his paws, caressing them, and from time to time applying a gentle pressure on them, so that he gets familiar with those feelings during trimming.

13# Rub the paw:

Begin by rubbing your kitty’s paws, and give her a treat for letting you touch it. When she takes off her paws, do not go against the motion, but make sure you keep holding it; you need her to understand that even if she takes away her paws, you’ll keep gently holding. When she’s done kicking, offer her a treat and let her paw go. Repeat as long as you can from time to time, it’s a good training for her!

#14 Loud places are not preferable:

Your kitty needs to feel calm when trimming her nails and this isn’t possible if there are pets around or if there’re any kinds of distraction .it needs to be done in a quiet place.

15# The consult of a professional is always helpful:

If trimming a cat’s nails got impossible for you to do, you can always consult a vet or a groom to make it done for you, maybe show you how to proceed, and might also give you many advices on how often to cut cat nails and all the basics.

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