15 Tips That Make Trimming Your Cats Nails Easier

6# Get assistance!

If you’re a new cat owner and you’re still asking how to cut cat nails, then you probably should get someone else to assist you; to calm the kitty and to hold him while you accomplish the mission.

7# Catnip: a piece of cat’s heaven on earth!

Your kid is an addicted!
Don’t be shocked! Most of cats are! You won’t have to deal with any drug dealers for the sake of your kitty though, and that’s because you can easily find catnip .Also, it’s not a danger that your cat prefers to hallucinate from time to time. Thus, before cutting his nails, soften him up with a bit of catnip, he will love it!

8# A treat to the kitty:

cutting cat nails at the beginning can be a set of steps, and after each step done successfully you need to reward fluffy to have passed it; you need to give him a treat if he first left you close to his paw, then if he left you trim his claw and so on.

At the end, you need to give him treats to show him how good he was while trimming as well, so that after a few times he gets used to it , and stops making a big deal out of it.

9# Utilize as clip just like yours:

Try to cut cat nails with human clippers, it’s better because:

  • You’re used to handling them.
  • They work perfectly on minuscule claws.
  • They are easier than the pet clippers.
  • They can be easier to handle than the pet ones.

10# Playing is always the best start:

If you have time, it’s always best to play your kitty‘s best game with first, that way he gets tired and won’t have the ability to oppose you when trimming his claws.

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