15 Tips That Make Trimming Your Cats Nails Easier

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1# Have a break between trims!

Don’t rush it, trimming a cat’s nails needs time, and needs you to beak the process a few times, this depends on your kitty’s ease, you might need to stop after each trim, as you might do it fewer times. The important is to take the time that suits your kid.

2# Slowly but surely!

If you rush the process your cat will sense it and probably won’t like it, do it once and twice and she will disdain it forever! You need to take it step by step!

3# Teach fluffy a trimming habit!

Teach fluffy a trimming habit
As KikoPup did on the video bellow, you too can teach your kitty a habit that makes cutting cat nails easy for both of you, such as lying on his back while you trim or KikoPup’s method.

4# You’ll need a towel:

Cutting cat’s nails could frighten your kid kitty, in order for you to calm him, roll all his paws up in a towel, except, of course, the one you’re trimming. Make sure that it’s not too tense though!

5# Dremel might help!

Trimming a cat’s nails could need you to look for more equipments than you thought; if your kid kitty doesn’t like the feel of the clipper, make him get used to the sound of a dremel , which you can do by giving him treats every time he hears its sound, then you can use it for cutting cats nails.

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