7 Things You’re Doing To Make Your Cat Hate You

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Cats. They must love us very much. Because apparently we often do things with our cat that won’t make him happy or healthy at all! Give milk, for example. Do you recognize these seven errors?

#7 Hold your cat as if he were a baby

Things You’re Doing To Make Your Cat Hate You
In general, cats like to lie in your lap or get caught and cuddled if they haven’t seen you for a long time. But they hate it when you grab them like they’re a baby. According to indy100.com cats feel more vulnerable when you pick them up, they prefer to have their paws back on the ground.

By then rocking them like they are a baby, they feel even more insecure. It may look cute (and it may be quite funny), but it’s not their favorite hug position. So keep that in mind the next time you feel called to cuddle with him – for example, just do it for a few seconds.

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13 comments, 232 shares


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