white munchkin cats
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Short legs and small stature are not the only facts you want to know about the Munchkin cats. Here is a detailed article about the most crucial information you must know if you want to go for Munchkin cat adoption.

Munchkin cats are short and sweet

Munchkin cats are short and sweet
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Munchkins are medium-sized that look so much like any other regular cat except for one difference which is their short, stubby legs; and this is a result of a genetic mutation.

Munchkins are controversial

Munchkin cat breed
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Some people say that breeding Munchkins is unethical because it encourages spreading some genetic flaws, which makes it the source of the controversy.

The Munchkin cat is healthy

According to the experts’ diagnoses, the Munchkin cats have got a clean health bill. Though they have got short and stout legs, caused by a genetic mutation that affects bone growth, they are quite similar to regular cats.

The munchkin cat’s origins

The first short-legged cats were spotted in the 1930s, and they were not necessarily Munchkins. In 1983 Sandra Hochenedel, a music teacher, rescued two Munchkins from a Bulldog in Louisiana, and then she has learnt that they were both pregnant. Hence, today’s Munchkin cat is the result of an accidental discovery. She adopted one little lady named Blackberry, and when her kittens were born, she gifted one to her friend Kay LaFrance, who worked with Solveig Pflueger, TICA’s Genetics Committee chairperson, who has discovered more about the breed and has made it recognized by the world.

The link between the Munchkin name and The Wizard of Oz

Kay LaFrance has established a colony of Munchkins on her Louisiana plantation. Due to the cats’ reproduction, the town was full of cats, and the munchkins have resembled from L. Frank Baum’s writings.

The Munchkin can’t jump high

The Munchkin can’t jump high
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Munchkins are capable of making it onto kitchen counters when they feel the urge yet they may not be able to make it onto your bedroom bookcase. Hence, Munchkins can jump but only to an extent.

Munchkins are fast and furious

Although The Munchkin cats have got short legs, their real strength is speed. The amount of energy, speed, and agility they have is just insane.

The Munchkin cat is known for his hoarding tendencies

Just like magpies, Munchkin cats like to beg, borrow and steal small, shiny objects, to squirrel them away for a rainy day. Due to this quirky characteristic, some call Munchkins magpies.

Bunny Cat

Munchkins frequently sit up on their hind legs like a bunny when they want to get a better view on something that has caught their eye.

Munchkin cats love to cuddle

Munchkin cat personality
The Munchkin cats are known for their extrovert personality as they would easily play with other pets, not necessarily cats, as they love the company. They are also friendly, and they love cuddling as soon as they get the opportunity. Hence, most Munchkin parents describe their furry friends as being lap cats.

Munchkin cat personality

Besides the fact that munchkins are social and energetic, curiosity is also an important point that characterizes their personality. The Munchkin cats have a higher level of curiosity than the other kinds of cats that they would explore every single corner and cranny of your house more than once.

Find below additional most common questions on the net about the Munchkin cat:

What is a Munchkin cat?

The Munchkin cat or Sausage cat is a newer kind of cats characterized by their medium size, extremely short legs, along the spine, triangle-shaped ears, and thick body with a well-rounded chest caused by a genetic mutation. Munchkin may have long or short hair yet; both have plush, all-weather coats with a silky appearance. The longhair Munchkin has a plumed tail. The Munchkin cats’ colour or coat pattern can differ from a cat to another, same as their walnut-shaped eyes.

What do Munchkin cats eat?

Cats cannot eat human foods, like chicken or tuna; their health needs a specific vitamin called taurine, which is available in the market. To promote growth and health, cats need a specific food formula.

How long is the Munchkin cats’ life span?

If your Munchkin furry friend is kept indoor, away from any dangers such as cars, diseases spread by other cats, and attacks from other animals, they can live 13 years or longer. Moreover, the Munchkin is well suited to any home with people who love them and care about them.

Can you breed two Munchkin cats together?

One of the Munchkin breed problems is that they arose from a genetic mutation. Hence, we don’t advise you to mate two short-legged Munchkin cats together. The Munchkin cats gene can be carried by cats born with long legs. And, to produce a litter of healthy, stubby-limbed kittens, they’re often mated with each other, or with a short-legged Munchkin cat.

Do Munchkin cats scratch furniture?

Same as all the other kinds of cats, well-trained Munchkins don’t scratch furniture or soil outside the litter box. However, though they may act like regular-sized cats while buying their food/water bowls, litter box, and sleeping basket bear in mind that they are still small.

Are Munchkin cats cruel?

While the Munchkin cats may look cute, their stunted limbs have an impact on their mobility, so they struggle to run and jump. And this reflects on the Munchkin cats’ personality as their adoption is cruel, especially those who are aware of their physical flaws.

Why do Munchkin cats stand up?

Due to genetic mutation, Munchkin cats have short and stumpy legs. So, it is crystal clear that they stand up on their back legs more often, due to their low centre of gravity. This is also considered as another Munchkin cats’ problem.

How do you tell if your kitten is a Munchkin?

Short legs and long bodies are the most common Munchkin cats’ characteristics. Due to their fast speed and location low to the ground, they are described as having ferret-like movements. Short front legs with slightly taller back legs and a long body are what you need to recognize a Munchkin cat.

Can Munchkin cats jump?

Contrary to what most people believe, the munchkins do not suffer from spinal issues due to their short legs. The only munchkin cats’ problem is that with shorter legs, they are not able to jump as high as a cat with regular longer legs.

Do Munchkin cats need special care?

The short, stubby legs are the source of the name Munchkin cat. The Munchkin cats’ personality is known for being highly social; however, the Munchkin cats don’t require much special care. Yet, regular brushing is essential to keep their fur free of tangles.

How much do Munchkin cats cost?

The Munchkin cats cost around $250 to $500. Note that as older as the cat is as cheaper is its price. The Munchkin cats can also be found in the shelter for only $100.

Do Munchkin cats stay small?

Due to a genetic mutation, the Munchkin cats are small because their legs are shorter than the average. Their bodies are medium-sized. However, their shoulder’s height is shallow to the ground, which makes them one of the smallest breeds.

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