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If your cat is becoming a “Jeune senior” as French people like to call their elders, there are some signs you need to pick up that will indicate you that he started the have the behavior of older cats ,have perhaps even got to the final stage and that maybe the end of the last one of those nine lives is about to reach its end.

It’s sad to think about the death of our lifelong cat mate, but unlike vampires, they just like us have a limited period on this earth.
Here is some sign you can notice that indicate the behavior of older cats:

Things to be aware of as your cat gets older

1# Getting up starts becoming a tough task

When your cat gets older, he starts having the behavior of older cats. You can notice that getting up with the same vigor they used to have when they were young might be a bit difficult now. Henceforth they will need extra time to move maybe even a little gentle lift from you.

2# The loss of appetite starts hitting:

One other apparent behavior of older cats you can easily detect is the loss of appetite, especially if your kid used to keep his plate empty. As your cat gets older, it will need less food to swallow. So keep an eye on him and watch his weigh regularly.

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3# Read through my signs kitty!

He may have ignored your call so many times, but when your cat gets old, his senses start to weaken and so does his or her hearing. It’s completely normal! Your cat gets old and this behavior of older cats you though he’ll never have, can be so revealing to you.

4# Your lifelong super extrovert kitty might want to have a break from the social life

Your cat might use to be a party cat all his life, but the moment he or she starts looking for a quiet place every time you have people over, this definitely is a sign of the behavior of older cats. As your cat gets older quiet and peaceful places become his favorites to stay in.

5# Extra nap time for the kitty

Older cats behavior includes more sleep. Old cats need more sleep than the young ones, so don’t be worried if you find him or her sleeping everywhere and practically all the times.

6# Your affection is needed now more than ever:

Certainly, cat’s loyalty has been proven to you over the lifetime you two spent together. When your cats lifespan starts looking short and your cat gets older you will notice that he or she just want to be wherever you are. An excessive need for affection might bother you at first but it’s the normal behavior of older cats.

7# Not there, it’s so high!

With age comes a new era in the cat’s life, a slight change in the behavior of older cats is inevitable and this includes his or her reflexes too. The same cat that used to walk on high places thinking that he once might be a birth is now afraid of heights.

It would be thoughtful to add a cat ramp/step ladder to your bed if your kid kitty sleeps with you in the same high human bed. He would really appreciate if you adjust the environment to the new behavior of older cats.

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