The health benefits of owning a cat?

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The relationship with your cat is as unique as your relationship with any other human or animal. And just like humans, your cat may have different relationships with different people and secrets that it will not reveal itself. To discover the health benefits of owning a cat, the WALTHAM Center for Pet Nutrition . a scientific study has been conducted with regard to the relationships between pet and owner and their benefits.

In addition to the well-known benefits such as the calm and loving presence of a cat, her playful and cheeky nature, her ability to observe quietly, her soft and soothing mustache, the top 4 reasons for taking a cat are according to the WALTHAM study are:

Advantages of owning a cat for your heart


As a cat owner you will have noticed the positive effects your cat has on your mood. Just because of their presence and their loving interaction, our feline friends offer comfort. Women in particular indicated that they felt less lonely because of their presence.


The statistics show that cat owners have a 37% lower risk of having a heart attack, regardless of their age. The numbers speak for themselves.


In addition to feeling less lonely, statistics show that older people with cats go to their doctor much less often with complaints. The number of doctor visits can be reduced by up to 15%. That is another measurable difference! The benefits of this are two-fold; firstly the improvement of the health and well-being of the older person and secondly the positive financial impact on public health care. So it is a large-scale advantage!


Cats ensure that children have a greater interest in discovering nature. Recent studies have shown that the close relationship between a child and its cat may even be closer than between the child and its brothers and sisters. Your feline friend is a family member!

As you can see,  owning a cat has many health benefits and cats are no doubt good for your health.

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