The Amazing Cat Species

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As a cat lover, you know how loving and amazing cats could be. Nowadays, it’s almost like there’s no single home without a cat lying in the window perch or sleeping in his owner’s laps. Cats are almost in every home, and in every magazine: here’re the best cat breeds, here are the top ten favorite cat breeds of the year, etc.Having a cat has almost become a trend.

Even though it seems like cats always were human’s mates, they actually haven’t been domesticated for longer than around 5000 years ago. According to researches, the cats were first domesticated in the valley of the Nile.

At first, people encouraged some types of pet cats to live with them by feeding them various foods. Once they get the food and feel safe around humans, the cats would be accommodated to humans and start living with them. With time, even the wildest of cats would accept humans to approach them, to touch them and to hold them too.

During those days, cats proved that they were loyal, had exceptional hunting skills, needed short periods of sleep and were easier to wake than dogs. Also, with their night vision and their sensitive hearing they made better guardians for their human hosts.

If there’s any noise in the middle of the night, they would be the first to hear it and the first to wake up to check it out, while the doggies are still sleeping. Adding to those talents, they got along easier with the dogs in the house.

Today, cats are more for companionship and show that it is for hunting. The hunting skills seem to be rare and used often for preys like mice, birds or rodents. There are a lot of types of domesticated cats to adopt in order to give you permanent companionship for a lifetime; you just need to take good care of them.

In 2016, the world’s largest registry of pedigreed cats, named “The Cat Fanciers’ Association”, made a list of cat breeds, not any list, it’s a list of THE coolest cat breeds to own and that Americans preferred to adopt during the previous year. Among 42 cat breeds, here are the 10 best cat breeds Americans has chosen:

Exotic Shorthair Cats

After having the Persian at the top of the list of America’s best breeds for over 31 years. The Exotic shorthair gets the first place for three years in a row. The Exotic was born when the Persians crossbred the American Shorthairs.

Exotic cats have all the Persian standard‘s features except for their coats. Unlike their ancestors the Persians, they have a short n thick and dense coat, just the perfect kind of coat for people loving the Persian personality without having to groom that royal fur each and every day. Just like the Persians, they are affectionate, loyal, friendly and don’t stop following their owners all around the house.

Ragdoll Cats

Also known as “puppy-cats”, the Ragdoll cats got their name from their tendency to relax in one’s arm when picked up. Their one of the largest breeds of cats, they’re easy going, so friendly, affectionate and have a dog-like personality. It a breed that is good around kids, and easily trained to pick up tricks just like dogs. They’re funny and good house cats breeds.

British Shorthair cats

Scientists believe that the Romans brought the British Shorthair to England during the first century, where he met and lived with other wild native cat breeds to England. Year after year, the British Shorthair was crossbred with Persian cat, which leads to a slight change in the look and an improved thick fur coat. It’s one of the popular and best cat breeds to be chosen to appear in books, commercials, and TV shows, for instance, Garfield among others.

Persian Cats

According to scientists Persian cats existence goes back to 1648 B.C, in Persia (actual Iran), and were named after the believed country to origins. It’s the longest cat breed that ever existed.

They’re one of the special cat breeds and also the best cats for cuddling. They’re kind, easy-going, loving, quiet and beautiful with those round eyes and a cute face. Although they need to be groomed at least once a day and frequently bathed to keep the royal beautiful fur clean, it hasn’t stopped people from adopting them and considering them among the top ten preferred breeds in America.

Maine Coon Cats

Maine coon cats or “gentle giants” are one of the oldest natural feline breeds of North America, known for their intelligence, their playful attitude, and their size it’s actually, one of the largest domestic cats’ breeds.

With a furry and a strong appearance, the Maine coon cats are people’s oriented choices; as they are easy to train because of their high intelligence, and also have a similar dog behavior.

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American Shorthair Cats

The American Shorthair cat Is considered to be typically America’s breed; as it was brought from Europe early on with the first settlers.
The shorthair cat is now known to have an acute intelligence, a huge will to get along with the other pets of the house and to bond with the kids of the family. It’s considered to be the perfect type of cats breeds for a working family with kids.

Scottish Fold Cats

The specialty of this cute and reserved cat breed is their folded ears that make them have a similar look to owls, unlike any other cats.
Also, Scottish fold cats have unique and various sounds of purrs and meows, sounds we don’t usually hear in other cats. They also tend to bond with one family member.

These cats are easy-going, with unique social skills; they get along easily with other pets of the house, are very playful, loving, and very extraverted. All of these qualities made them one of the top cats breeds.

Sphynx Cats

It was first discovered in Canada in 1966, according to CFA. It’s a hairless cat with big eyes and eyes and very obvious cheekbones. The sphynx is a relatively new cat breed.
The lack of hair thought is a natural genetic anomaly that occurs every 15 years. Ever since that time, the Sphynx has been bred with many shorthair cats, then bred back to hairless to produce a healthy breed.

This rare kind of cats became one of the most popular cat breeds in America, with its playful personality, their energy, silliness, and love of attention. The Sphynx cats, need to protect their exposed skin, thus, they can’t be outdoor cats, but they cat casually go outside though.

Abyssinian Cats

Called Abys, Those cats with their royal look which resembles the ancient Egyptian cats and the fact that they’re energetic and easy to take care of, Even if they might be slightly expensive, it made them one of the best cat breeds to live with.

Abyssinians are loyal, loving cats and blend well with children and other animals. They also are known to be so curious and love to have many activities with their owners.

Devon Rex Cats

It can be called many named: a pixie cat, an alien cat, a bat, or an elf cat. Many names for the Devon Rex that was discovered by accident in the region of Devonshire, England, in 1960. It’s considered to be a new breed of cats and has a tendency to mimic a dog’s attitude.

With his playful personality and his strange look, he knew how to catch the attention of millions of people.
If you want to adopt a cat or a kitten, think first about the cat breed you want, it could be one of those sweet cat breeds above or it could be any other kinds of cats, and see if it fits with your lifestyle, then start looking for a reputable breeder.

You also should make sure that:

  • the cattery is clean and in a good shape
  • the kittens aren’t overcrowded and are free to move around not caged
  • the litter boxes should be well-maintained and both water and food clean and balanced
  • The cats look healthy with none of their ribs showing and with groomed coats
  • The kitten you’re adopting should be used to being handled and touched
  • The kitten is more than 12 to 16 weeks; as the experienced caring breeder don’t let the kittens leave the nest until they’re older than that, in order for them to grow healthy and with a good immune system.

There are many options from where to get a cat or a kitten, it could be from a reputable breeder, or through a local newspaper, or an adoption agency. Kittens can also be adopted from a local pound, but people usually avoid this choice.

Although there’s no guaranty that your adopted cat stays healthy even if it’s a species that is one of the best cat breeds in the world, if you get a cat you need to make sure that it’s a healthy one, it would be a good start. When a cat is healthy and has all of his or her vaccinations, all you need to do is keep it that way by regular preventive checkups and a healthy lifestyle. Unless you have the required resources and time to take care of a cute sick little baby cat. The choice is always yours!

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