13+ Strange and Unusual Cats Behavior Explained

#6 If I fit, I Sit

Cats can find themselves able to fit into small spaces like small boxes. Even though there are far more comfortable places. Most cats would rather curl up in the box the new cat bed came in rather than the bed itself. These small spaces make your pet feel safe and secure. Cats in the wild do not sleep out in the open and unprotected from predators.

Sleeping in small tiny spaces gives your cat the opportunity to observe their surroundings from a distance and act accordingly to all situations.

#7 Cat Eyes

Sometimes you may feel as if you’re in a “staring competition” with your cat and the next they want nothing to do with you. Usually, this is just your cat trying to get your attention or that there is a situation or someone who has them on high alert. It is best to not look a cat directly in the eye and most cats see this as a sign of aggression and will prepare for a fight.

Some times your cat may blink at you slowly. This cat behavior explained by feline behaviorists is called “kitty kisses”. This is how your cat shows your affection. Next time your cats slowly blinks at you, blink slowly back at them blowing them “kitty kisses”

Cats are much like humans and love alone time. It is best to give them some space and quiet time. They will have a stronger respect for you if you give them ample alone time. Do not worry when your cats want cuddle time they will come to find you.

#8.Kitty Litter Fail

Litter Box

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One of the most common behavioral complaints by cat owners is when their cat urinates or defecates outside the litter box. This cat behavior explained as inappropriate elimination.

Finding and understating the underlying cause of this issue will help rekindle the love between you and your cat. There can be a medical or behavioral issue such as a bladder infection, colitis, stress or anxiety that can cause inappropriate elimination. If your cat is experience inappropriate elimination the first step is to see your veterinarian.

Many people think that the cat is just “misbehaving” but usually they are just avoiding making the painful trip to the litter box.

#9.2 a.m. Zoomies and Cat Calls

While your cat is sleeping during the day storing up excessive energy so at night they need to release all this energy and keep you wake. Most cats have nocturnal instincts and love to hunt during the night and sleep during the day. An extremely vocal cat could have a medical problem causing them to keep you awake at night.

If you notice excessive vocalization by your cat, we recommend that you see your veterinarian, as this could be a serious but treatable condition.



The position of your cats’ ears can tell you exactly what they are thinking. Cats express anxiety or agitation by twitching their ears back and forth. If you see their ears upright this cat behavior expressed as just listen to their surroundings.

#11.Rolling Around

Cat Behavior Explained
Cats do not like being on there back with their stomach showing as this is a very venerable position. If you can is rolling around in front of you with their belly exposed this is a sign that your cat trust and feels safe around you.

Usually, when your cat is rolling on the floor they are expressing that they want you to play with them.

#12.Oh, You’re Using That?

Cat love to come and sit on top of whatever you are working on whether it be your computer, book or magazine. Most cats know if they sit down in front of you they will get some kind of affection from you.

Also by sitting on your belongings they are marking their territory and claiming that you are theirs.

#13.Knock it Off!

Cats love to knock things off the table and watch it fall to the floor usually for no reason other than curiosity, and we all know what happens with curiosity and the cat. This can be a very frustrating cat behavior problem for cat owners and an entertaining game for your cat.

Finding a new toy or other stimulating cat game can help curb this naughty habit.

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