13+ Strange and Unusual Cats Behavior Explained

Cat Behavior Explained
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Many cats have some strange and unusual behaviors that many people believe are cats behavior problems. Most of these behaviors are normal ways that cats interact with their owners. By understanding cat behaviors, you will be able to interact with your cat in a way that your cat can also understand.

This article “Strange and Unusual Cats Behavior Explained” allows you to understand what your cat is actually communicating to you and possible way for you to communicate back to your cat.

Understanding weird cats behavior

#1 The Chattering Cat

Cat Behavior Explained

Some cats will display strange behaviors such as chattering their teeth when they see a bird outside the window.
Veterinary behaviorist explains the chattering cat behavior as your cat being frustrated that they cannot get outside and hunt their prey or that this jaw movement is to prepare for the killing of the prey. Sometimes cats do this when they are excited or aggravated. This is a normal cat behavior for your cat.

#2 Cat Rubbing Head on You

Cat Behavior Explained
Some cats show more than just affection by rubbing their head on your legs. This cat behavior explained as “bunting”, where pheromones are released from their head showing ownership. This is similar to your cat marking his territory when they rub on the furniture. They are showing that you belong to them.

#3 “Presents” from your Cat

Cat Behavior Explained
There are many different theories on why your cat brings you its kills. Your cat sees you as a member of the group and will share is the success of their hunt. They could also be thanking you for paying more attention, feed or taking care of them by bringing you rodents, birds and incests.

By putting a collar with a bell on your cat will make it more changeling for them to catch prey therefor bring you fewer presents.

#4 Cat Eating Non-Food Items

Cat Behavior Explained
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Some cats like to eat non-food items such as cloth, plastic, wood or metal. This cat behavior explained as a condition known as pica. Usually, the cause for this condition is unknown but can be explained as mineral deficiencies, anemia, hyperthyroidism, genetics, boredom, and stress. If your cat is showing signs of pica have a full physical examination done by a veterinary to rule out any underlying conditions.

#5 Cat Kneading

A behavior that goes back to when your cat was a kitten is the kneading behavior. This is when your cat presses its paws into you or a blanket and moves the back and forth. This cat behavior explained as a reminder from when they were nursing their mother.

Kittens would press their paws on their mother mammy glands, as it helps with better milk production from their mother. When cats do this as an adult it shows that they are happy or that they are releasing stress and calming themselves down. The kneeling behavior should be taken as a compliment because you remind them of their mother.

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