what are smells that cats hate
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There’s a variety of smells that cats hate. And given their sensitive noses, they get bothered when having these smells around. You want to keep in mind that we only have 5 million olfactory receptors, versus 45 to 80 million your cat has. So you can imagine what your cat feels like when having a dirty little box in the next room.

Also, Fluffy is a very finicky creature. He likes hanging out in a clean and nit environment. And if a smell isn’t that adorable for the average sniffer, it is stinky to your kitty.

So,what scents do cats hate? What smell will repel cats? And, what is the most effective cat repellent?

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Scents that cats hate

Knowing the smells your cat hates will help you a lot. This will prevent you from irritating Fluffy or making him uncomfortable. Also, you can avoid using scents that can harm your kitty’s health. And most importantly, you can make natural cat repellents with these scents. It will make Fluffy stay away from some corners of your household. And also keep foreigner cat visitors away. So what smells do cats hate?

1. Citrus

does cats hate citrus
Can cats eat lemon? Not only they can’t eat it, but they also can’t stand its smell. Lemon or orange or grapefruit or any citrus fruit is very disliked by your kitty. You can notice it, when you’re peeling an orange, chances are your kitty is keeping its distance.

To put it into perspective for people asking “Do cats hate the smell of vinegar?”, the strong smell of citrus or vinegar is repugnant to kitties. Which makes them efficient cat repellents.

2. Mint, Wintergreen, and Menthol versus Fluffy!

do cats hate menthol

Do cats hate the smell of peppermint?” some of the plants that cats hate are these refreshing ones. They are very useful to us but for your kitty, they’re very repelling and worst …toxic.

They come in handy for us; as we use them, their oils, their flavors and everything they can deliver. And some of you can even think of using them as repellents. Yet, you should remove these plants away from Fluffy’s environment at any coast. Because one bite of these, and you find yourself looking for the closest vet hospital for your cat’s intoxication.

3. Rosemary, Rue, Cinnamon, and Lavender. ..Your cat’s nightmare!

These family of herbs is thriving in the aromatic industry. Whether they’re used as dried herbs, essential oils or fresh plants. They are natural herbs we’ve been using for our well-being for so long. but, your well-being doesn’t mean your cat’s.

If you’re asking “how to repel cats?” Well, these herbs are about to make your Tom give you that disgusted look whenever you use them. You might want to make cat deterrents out of them. But be careful when using them. Exessive lavender oil is bad for your cat, it can even lead to liver failure or death. It pretty much crashes the system.

Avoid cinnamon essential oil too or any essential oil. Making cat repellents with these elements require knowing the right portions. If you ignore them, it can harm your pet’s health. So even if there are a lot of plants that cats hate, knowing their toxicity is mandatory, before using them.

If you want to make natural cat repellents with these aromatic herbs, make sure you respect the doses. This can help you keep stray cats away from your yard. Or for allergic people, it allows them to keep there distance with cats.

4. Pepper, the spicy smell that repels your cat away!

You might be a huge fan of spicy food, but your cat is not into it at all! Pepper, chili flakes, mustard, and curry are smells that cats hate. They’re not known to be harmful to their health. But their strong scent makes the cat’s brain interpret it s being toxic. Thus, if you don’t want your bab’ to get away from you, you might want to avoid these elements.

5. How to compete with a dirty litter box?!

It’s a classic! Beyond herbs, there are a lot of smells that cats hate. And one of them is the scent of a dirty filthy litter box. You want to keep in mind that cats aren’t grooming all day long for no reason. It’s all because they like being clean all the time!

Your little handsome young prince likes his environment to be clean. And what better place to start your cleaning than his litter box. Not only you put him into discomfort, but you also run the risk of him littering somewhere else in the house. For instance on your clean laundry…. What a feeling to find all your clean work clothes filled with urine scent and spots that won’t go away!

So make sure you keep it as clean as possible, and also it benefits you. You don’t want to have a house that smells like cats’ excrements.

6. A rival cat’s scent!

Nothing is more irritating to your cat then finding another cat’s scent in his surroundings. Especially if they’re both males. If another cat runs into your cat’s spot, you run the risk of triggering some behavioral issues for your cat.

That is why, even in a household full of fur babes, they first should be introduced to each other properly. And each one of them should be having his spot, with everything it needs in it, including the litter box.

Foreigner Toms smells aren’t scents cats hate. They’re more like a message and a way of marking their territory. If your Tom wakes up someday and finds another scent in his territory, it means that it’s trespassed. Which will generate a lot of behavioral changes that are going to coast you so much.

Q and A:

Do cats like the smell of bleach?

It’s weird but bleach isn’t one of the smells that cats hate. It can be because of its composition, or because it contains the chloroquine. We don’t know why. But we do know that cats enjoy it for some reason.
But, be careful, if your cat consums it is toxic and can lead to death.

Why do cats hate cucumbers?

There has been a trend online, a while ago. You know, when people record videos of them putting a cucumber beside their cats. And then when the cat sees it, it gets scared and runs away.

A lot of people have been stipulating that their cat’s reaction is due to their fear of cucumber, or their hate for it. But the truth is, whether it’s a cucumber or a banana or any other object, it would make them afraid and react that way. Professional behaviorists explain that it’s not about the fruit. It’s about the surprising element of finding a foreign object behind them.

So no, cats don’t hate cucumbers. They don’t like it either. They treat it like any other object in the house.

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