5 reasons why cats make you feel happy and better

why cats make you feel happy and better
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Cats make great companions. A lot of people agree on that, they make your life better and make you feel a lot comfortable than you‘ve ever been, which lead us to the question:” having a cat at home good or bad?”The answer is: Definitely good!

And here are 5 benefits of having a cat:

Do cats increase happiness better? The answer is yes and here’s why:

1# Therapeutic spine

Purrs are one of the most wonderful benefits of owning a cat. Not only they fill you with love, but also they have a therapeutic impact on you; they actually are the best remedy to stress after a tiring long though day.

2# They are good for your heart

Some people wonder “are cats good pets? “Well here’s another one of the health benefits of owning a cat that proves they are the best pets you could ever have: the decrease in the stress level.

Studies have shown that cat owners are 36% less disposed to having heart attacks than the dog owners. By regularly petting your cat, your stress level would drop considerably. Cats make you feel happy which is good for your mental health!

3# You have a loyal friend in the house


During the average lifespan of 15 years, cat’s only activity would be to greet you, play with you and follow you anywhere. Loyalty is one of the benefits of having a cat. You only need to take good care of her, which isn’t much to do compared to other pet’s care, and there you go, you have a lifetime friend. Cats live on average for 15 years and are very loyal to their owner.

4# They learn to enjoy you

5 reasons why a cat in the house makes you happy
I love you

Cats are better pets than any other domestic animal, they do things like bosses; if they feel like sleeping all the day, they do it, if they don’t like it they just don’t do it, and not a shred of regret. They live the moment according to their desires and what feels right at the moment and live a stress-free life. For those who wonder: «what are cats good for?” isn’t this a life lesson to learn from those masters?!

5# They are independent

One of the most important benefits of having a cat is that they don’t count on you to enjoy the moment. They are independent sometimes they can just go outside through the cat door, catch a mouse and they’re amused. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t dependent on anyone on anything.

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