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Cats are not dogs, so you cannot expect them to constantly be close to you or show a lot of affection. Yet some cat breeds are more affectionate than others. A selection.

These are the 12 best breeds!

1. Cornish rex

The Cornish rex has very special looks: an oval cup, bat ears, large eyes, short but curly hair and a long tail. But her character is also special, because this cat breed is very playful, likes to do tricks and especially likes being in your area.

2. Egyptian mau

The Egyptian mau is the only domesticated cat that naturally has spotted fur. But despite that wild appearance there is a sweet and especially social personality in this cat. Fun fact: this cat can even wag its tail, like a dog . The Egyptian mau also matches well with other breeds, so it is also suitable as a second or third cat.

3. Devon rex

This breed is a cousin of the Cornish rex, but has even more curls. His high cheekbones, big eyes and pointed ears sometimes give him a comparison with ET or Yoda . But what we especially remember: the Devon rex is not only very intelligent, but also always willing to play and hug you .

4. Maine coon

Although a Maine Coon as a kitten seems very small, this is a fairly large cat. It is an ideal playmate for children, but she can also get along well with other cats and dogs. This cat likes to follow her owner everywhere, but can also be a bit sticky. And resisting her innocent look is really not easy …

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5. Tonkanese

The Tonkanese is a mix of the extroverted Siamese and the shy Burmese cat. You can teach this cat to walk on a leash or to fetch. And if you call her, she will usually come, even when there are strangers in the house. After all, it corresponds to everyone.

6. Pers

It is no coincidence that this breed is very popular. After all, there is a very social personality behind the big eyes, thick fur and cute nose. The press often comes on your lap on its own, for example to calm you down after a long day at work. They also love to cuddle very much, even though their facial expressions don’t show that.

7. Ragdoll

Who doesn’t melt in front of the big blue eyes of a ragdoll ? Her name says enough: this cat likes to hang like a rag doll in your arms or on your lap. She has a very sweet character, agrees with everyone and is always willing to play with you.

8. Siamese

The Siamese cat is also very popular. And rightly so, because this extrovert breed is very loyal to and kind to its owners. The Siamese needs a lot of attention and affection, it is not a cat that sleeps all day. She doesn’t like being left alone for long and is always happy when you get home.

9. Sphynx

The sphynx looks rather special, without her, but this cat also has a very social character. She likes to be close to you and also tries to make you laugh. Even at night she wants to be as close to you as possible. And admit it is hard to resist.

10. Manx

The manx is known as the cat without a tail, so you would almost forget how social this cat is. Once you have won her trust, she cannot be removed from your neighborhood. She likes games , but is also willing to ‘listen’ to you after a long day.

11. Somali

The character of the Somali is sometimes compared to that of a monkey: smart, curious, entertaining and very active. One thing is certain: it is never boring with this cat at home. But beware: the Somali wants all attention to itself and therefore does not match other pets …

12. Blue Russian

The Russian Blue might seem reluctant at first sight, but once this cat is used to you, it will always stay close to you. They love to play and be part of everything you do. She also likes to be close to you at night, but she would rather stay away from strange visitors.

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