7 Life Hacks that you as a cat owner should definitely know!

Life hacks for cat owners
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A cat as a pet is of course super fun and cozy, but it also involves a lot of maintenance. From cleaning up all hair throughout your house to cleaning the litter box. It is all added! Not to mention the unfortunate accidents. You must really know these 7 life hacks as a cat owner.

1# Help: my cat jumps in places where he is not allowed to go

Life hacks for cats owner
Cat jumping

Stick double-sided tape where your cat is not allowed. Because of this the person will think that it is always sticky and stay away from it.

2# Help: my cat pees on the floor / bed / clothes

Life hacks for cat owner
Solution: The most annoying thing! But here too there is a solution: baking soda! Soak as much puddle as possible and let the area dry well. Then sprinkle baking soda on it and let it absorb. It will make the nasty odor disappear and you can then pick up the grains and throw your clothes and bedding in the wash.

3# Help: my cat is scratching everything

Anti Scratching Cat Pad
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Solution: A scratching post is of course the solution in this case, but that is often a very large or sometimes expensive device. You can also easily make a scratching plate from old cardboard boxes yourself. Finishes it off with some decoration (or just a nice piece of cardboard) on the outside and you can just put it in the living room!

4# Help: my cat leaves her on the furniture

life hack for cat owner
Rubber cleaning glove- Source : Amazon

Solution: With a rubber cleaning glove you rub over your fabric furniture and due to the static effect the hair sticks to the glove!

5# … and my clothes

Solution: Do you have a dryer? Then put your clothes in the dryer with fabric softener wipes. These wipes work just like the rubber glove and ensure that the hair sticks to it. You can also wipe your clothes with the fabric softener, it also works great!

6# Help: my cat breaks hairballs every time

Life Hacks for cat owner
Solution: Try to put pumpkin through the wet food of your cat. You can cook it yourself, but you can also put canned pumpkin in the food. Pumpkin is a grain fiber, which is good for your cat’s digestion.

7# Help: my cat eats too quickly and then spits everything out

Solution: Place the dry food in a shallow plate or food bowl. Because of this your cat will not greedily feed its food inside because it is not close to its face.

So, we hope we have given you some interesting and new tips for you (and your cat) again!

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