Cat Grooming- Keep Your Cat Looking Great

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Cats are very clean animals; they spend the majority of their time cleaning and tidying themselves. But if you have a long hair cat, self-combing might not be enough, therefore cat grooming is so important, so you can keep your cat’s fur tidy.

Brushing is so important; as not only it keeps your cat’s fur clean, it also gathers the free hairs and prevents your cat from swallowing them. Grooming cats is mandatory, without it the hairballs would be in your cat’s digestive system, they could either be spilled out on your couch -that’s the best case scenario-, or blocked in the intestines.

Keep Your Cat Looking Great

Cat grooming helps a lot to remove the dirt out of the fur, also it’s a great opportunity to keep an eye on your cat’s skin health, for instance, to look if there are fleas or ticks in it. It’s a wonderful way to prevent them from spreading.

Not all cats like to be groomed though; some of them resent it while some others enjoy it. Grooming for cats is certainly easier if started since kittenhood, in order for them to get used to it while growing.

How to groom a cat?

Kindly comb your kitten’s hair from head to tail, don’t brush the paws and the face though, they hate it. If the brushing starts annoying your kitty, don’t push it, stop and play with her for a while until she calms down, then continue your cat grooming.

How are cats groomed if it turns into a fight every time?

Well, try using a grooming glove. It’s gentler and more affectionate. The brushing glove does the cat grooming when Fluffy is getting an entire body massage. Cats like it. Your kitty may allow the glove on its face but not all of them like the feel of it on their paws or tummies.

Cat grooming tips :

Brushing isn’t only for the fur; it’s actually a great time to check the eyes and ears. The eyes should be bright and without any substance in their corners. The ears should be clean and pink. The exaggerated dirt in a cat’s ear is a sign of mites. If they really are present, they can lead to dehydration; and thus, the cat’s loss of hearing. Make sure you commit to your vet’s regular visits to prevent the growth of mites if you suspect their presence.

Dental health is also important; a healthy mouth is a healthy body! Don’t forget to check the gum, and the teeth while brushing.
In case you have a long hair cat, you need to commit to brushing its fur at least once or twice a day. Grooming in cats should be regular, if ignored it might attract mites and grow them even more, which can lead to the obligation of shaving the fur.

And since most cats get so stressed and aggressive, and even need to be sedated to have their fur shaved which means a vet visit, it’s good that you committed to your cat grooming to avoid these sad consequences.

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