Incredible Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

5 reasons why a cat in the house makes you happy
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Cats are stubborn and often stubborn. That makes sense: traditionally, cats like cats live solitary and not like dogs in groups. You can notice that, for example, by the fact that your cat focuses strongly on its environment, and not always on its owner.

That is why you usually do not favor a cat with a movement, when you go on holiday the cat prefers to stay at home with a sweet cat sitter at home.

Yet you can certainly build a good relationship with your cat. Cats are very sensitive and intuitive and can very well feel your state of mind. Cats also communicate all day long: with body language and behavior. They show you in different ways how much they love you:

#1 Sit comfortably with you

Ever noticed that cats just love to sit with the one person who doesn’t like cats? That is because the cat is sensitive and likes to sit with a relaxed person. So that can be someone who does not expect anything from him, and simply lets the cat be ‘cat’. And if your cat likes to sit with you, and also fall asleep with you, that is a sign that he completely trusts you.

He thinks it’s super nice with you! Even if your cat follows you everywhere in the house (and you ‘help’ with everything you do ….) it means that he loves you.

#2 Spinning and kicking

Does your cat purge when you pet him or when he is sitting comfortably with you? Then he is very happy with you. And those annoying nails that he “massages” against you is also a sign of love and happiness. He did that when he was still a kitten with his mother, to get the milk started. So you are a kind of mother to your cat, and who do you love more than your mother?

#3 Eyes closed

Cats that are relaxed squeeze their eyes gently shut. It is also a calming signal with which he wants to say: “don’t be afraid, I mean well!” The funny thing is that this also works the other way around. If you want to put a cat at ease, squeeze your own eyes. You will see that it really relaxes him!

#4 Give cups

Giving cups can have different meanings. What the cat does in any case is to leave its scent behind. Cups where he does this with his mouth usually mean that he is delimiting his territory. But with sturdy cups with his forehead, for example when you come home or sit comfortably on the couch, he wants to say “Hello! You are my favorite person!”

#5 Give presents

Yes, you know: mice and other small prey. You may not like it, but if the cat proudly lays down its prey for you, that is a big compliment to you! So clean up but not punish. It’s all out of love

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