How To Understand Your Cat’s Meowing?

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5# The cat meowing for “I’m getting ready to hunt!”


This meow is a sign that a hunting attempt is about to start, you may have noticed your cat making it when you were sitting with him outside, or when he was sitting on a window sill, and he suddenly spots a bird or a squirrel he wants to hunt. It’s a vocalization sound your kid kitty uses when he wants to use his predatory skills.

6# The cat meowing for “it’s pissing me off” meow -the hiss-

You must have heard it at least once, cat meow loud sometimes, even the most sociable and cute outgoing cats can make it from time to time. Some cats might use this sound more often than others, it’s the cat meowing that your kid can use when something or someone gets on his nerves. If your cat gives you that hiss you better not continue what you’re doing to him because it’s usually followed with a violent attitude.

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