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No matter how different the cats are on this planet, they all have one thing in common: the catmeow cat meow sound. All the cats meow, though some of them could be more vocal than the other ones. Ever since they were little kitties without defense, they were meowing cats; meowing was a skill they instinctively and quickly acquired, sometimes to express their feelings, some others to express their need for food. But why do cats meow?

Cats have up to 100 unique and different vocalization sounds, according to the scientists who recorded them, and each cat uses them differently in diverse occasions.

As a cat owner, understanding cat meows will benefit you a lot, so here are some cat sounds meanings:

1# The cat meowing for “hi mate!”:

The cat meow a lot, so you might have heard this meowing when you were apart from your kid for a relatively long time; it’s his way of greeting you. This meow has a low pitch, it’s joyful and you hear it the first time you finally meet after a while far from each other, it’s mostly accompanied with rubs while the circle between your legs.

2# The cat meowing for “I’m giving you a warning”

Cat Meow. Photo by rhibiki.geo

Body language is crucial to pay attention to, in order to interpret the best your cat’s meow meaning. When your kid takes a posture where his tail is low and his ears are directed to the back, and accompany this attitude with a growling cat meowing, then it certainly is a warning that something is extremely bothering him and if it keeps going, will eventually be followed with a hiss and this doesn’t end in a good way.

3# The cats meowing for “where are you hiding?”

Cat meow loud and a high-pitched warble such as this one is a sound your kitty makes when he’s looking for you to invite you to a tender and loving pet time to have your affection. When they make this loving sound and you don’t see them sneak in toward you, then they must be stuck somewhere which prevented them from coming to you.

4# The cats meowing for “it’s pet time!

It’s a cute friendly cat meowing. When the cat makes it, you can notice that his mouth is laid slightly open already, and it sounds more like a squeak. It’s cute because it’s almost accompanied with purrs.

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