How to take care of your cat?

How to take care of your cat?
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It is common knowledge that cats take care of themselves without being encouraged to do so. By helping your cat take care of you, you get a stronger bond with him and you can also check whether he is healthy. Most cats get used to the care and appreciate it very much.

The benefits of grooming

The grooming stimulates blood circulation and improves muscle strength. It also reduces the formation of hairballs in the stomach by removing loose hairs from the fur. It ensures an even coat that protects the body more effectively and stimulates the glands at the base of the hair, making the coat water-repellent.

How to take care of your cat?

When it is hot, the saliva leaves the cat on the fur for cooling by evaporation. The care also spreads the sebum (a natural oil that protects the hair and the coat and makes it waterproof) over the entire coat of the cat.

Take care of your cat regularly and as quickly as possible, preferably from an early age. With this you will not only track down any external parasites or skin lesions and reduce the amount of hair on your couch, but also create a bond with your cat.

How to take care of your cat?

  • For cats with short hair, use a fine-toothed metal comb once a week and a brush with natural or rubber teeth to remove loose hair.
  • Gently brush or comb your cat’s fur in the direction of hair growth.
  • Use the bristles to comb the fur forward to the head and then comb them back down smooth.
  • For long-haired cats, use a metal comb every day.
  • You can untangle knots with your fingers or carefully cut them away with scissors. Another solution is to leave this to your vet, because you could accidentally cut into the skin of your cat.
  • If your cat doesn’t allow this to happen, try offering him something extra to eat, stroking him and talking to him to reassure him. Then take advantage of your cat’s focus on the sweets to take care of it.

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