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There a common belief about cats stating that they have nine lives. As a cat owner, you surely realize that most cats don’t make it in their first life much less making it to the ninth. However, with the proper cat care, your cat will be able to have a long healthy life. It might not have nine lives though, but that one precious life it’s got is going to be a happy one.

With the cat care tips below you can offer your cute mate the proper cat care he or she deserves:

Take care of a cat

1# Choosing the right cat:

In order to pick the cute lifelong cute mate, you first should determine your criteria. Do you want it to be a cat or a kitty, long or short hair, male or female, purebred or alley, stray or in a shelter, the cat sound you prefer hearing … and a whole lot of choices need to be done to finally pick the cat you want.

After being precise about the types of cats you prefer having, the second step is to do a quick research about the nature of this cat and see if it fits with your lifestyle, for instance, if you prefer the silence in your household and want no cat noise, a Siamese isn’t the cat breed you want to have, as; they’re known to be “talkative” cats. Or maybe you want to have a Persian; they’re so gorgeous, but think of how much daily time you’ll need to spare to keep them groomed or how much money you’ll need to pay a professional groomer.

An important part of cat care is picking a cat according to your cat preferences, without forgetting to see if the cat fits with your lifestyle or if you have the ability to make modifications in order to fit with his or her.

2# An indoor or an outdoor one?

It’s relieving for many cat owners to let their cat wander outside the house, living his or her freedom, in the trees and grass lying in the street’s gardens, after all, cat’s ancestors used to live in the jungle, and the free nature is still in their genes. But don’t forget that the outdoor cats don’t live longer than the indoor ones; the average life span of an outdoor cat is two years while the average lifespan of an indoor cat is ten to twelve years, some might even make it to twenty years old.

Because of the many cruelties outside your house, such as:

  • Traffic
  • disease,
  • animal control officers who are allowed to take your cat once he steps outside of the property,
  • Other savage animals and a lot of other threats.

Your household is certainly the safest place your cute mate could be in, but at a certain point he just won’t stand it, especially with seasons changing, he will definitely need to take a fresh air and do small tour in the neighborhood, that is why a leash or a harness is the best solution for you, they keep your pet next to you and also you’re watching and protecting him from potential threats.

However, even with all of these arrangements for good cat care, your cat is still likely to pick up fleas outside.

3# How to feed your cat properly?

How to take care of a cat without feeding him? The answer is: impossible. Cat care obviously includes cat feeding, but as a caring cat owner, you get confused about what to feed your cat and what kind of foods are best for his health.

Cats are carnivores, just like their ancestors, maybe they became more domestic but their digestive system hasn’t changed a lot. Cats actually need some nutrients found only in animal proteins, such as:

  • An amino acid named taurine, without it cats can become blind, and even develop a heart disorder that is likely to take their lives.
  • A dietary source of vitamin A and a fatty acid named arachidonic acid that exists only in animal tissues

On the other hand, you may have noticed that cats eat some plants too, well don’t get confused, the experts have a few explanations for this phenomenon:

  • It could be to get some trace nutrients out of the plants to balance the diet
  • Some plants help with digestion
  • They might be emetics to help spill out the swallowed hair and other indigested components.

Eating plant is natural in cats, you can’t prevent it, all you can do in terms of cat care is point it towards a direction you both can live with.

Cat care isn’t cat care if you don’t provide Fluffy with the right daily amount of water, which is about an ounce of water per pound of body weight. It’s not much but it’s so important for a healthy kitty to stay well hydrated.

4# Homemade or store-bought food, what’s the best choice?

All cat owners have one thing in mind “I want to take care of my cat”, and in order to do so the health aspect is fundamental, that’s why as a caring cat owner you prefer to make your own cat food as part of your loving cat care. Homemade food is certainly the safest as you hand-pick all of its ingredients by yourself and make sure they benefit your kitty’s health. If your cat doesn’t like it you make the necessary modifications, until you come up with the right homemade and safe food for your kitty kid.

However, unless you are a nutritionist, sometimes it’s best to seek experts’ recommendations for taking care of a cat the best you can, with the right advice you can always get our kitty the safe and rich store-bought food. The majority of food manufacturers work on finding the right amounts and balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrate in each food. Also, with age, cat’s bodies nutritional needs change. Most of cat food companies make food according to:

  • The cat’s age
  • Its level of activity
  • Its health condition

And researches still evolve to come up with the personalized pet food for your kitty.

5# Always groom your cat!

An important part of cat care is grooming. Let’s suppose you picked a Persian cat with his magnificent coat, It’s a beautiful cat you’ve got there, but did it occur to you that now that you are the cat owner it’ll be up to you to maintain it that way? It actually takes a couple of hours of work every day to groom it, without forgetting that it’s most likely to grow mats, too. If the mats are bad, it can even get to painfully tearing up the cat’s skin. If the mats exaggerate, the only remaining solutions would be shaving your cat’s fur, and you know that there’s nothing more uncomfortable than looking at a shaved cat, especially a cat that used to have a royal fur

That’s not to say that cats with short hairs don’t get mats, because they do. It’s just that their fur requires far less grooming every day, and with your diligent shorthair cat grooming, your brushing task is much easier, especially if you’re a lazy cat owner.

However, it’s inevitable that care cat for short hair cats or longhair one requires daily grooming.

6# Do I need to bath my cat?

In general, cats don’t need baths as they always groom themselves. But in some cases, a bath is inevitable, for instance, to take care of a skin condition like fleas, or if Fluffy got himself in one of those messy adventures of his.

Cat care can’t be complete with regular baths, especially if you have a curious kitty or if your kid kitty goes outside for occasional neighborhood walks.

7# Make sure your house is cat-proofed:

Cats like small children require high surveillance inside the house because if kids get themselves into dangerous situations, cats with their flexible bodies and intense senses can sometimes get themselves into much dangerous troubles than kids.

In your cat care approach remember to keep your kitty out of trouble, and while you do that don’t forget to feed your cat’s curiosity and avoid limiting your cat fun.

8# Toys your cat prefers:

Cats need and love toys; you certainly noticed that even a piece of plastic can be fun for your cat. It’s good that even a little thing could make Fluffy enjoy his time, but in case he swallows it, it can either go out through his digestive system and cause diarrhea or vomiting or even worst get into its respiratory system and shock him.

One of the most important cat care tips is to get him or her toys that are solid, with no removable parts and of course fun for Fluffy to enjoy.

9# The vet’s regular visits and vaccinations:

Finding the right vet is important for decent cat care. Having your cat annual checkups, vaccinations, consults, recommendations, cat behaviors advice… all go through your vet. Plus, you don’t want to go see a different vet every time you need to, you want your vet to memorize your kitty’s health history and develop a good relationship with Fluffy, as your pet will need to see the vet every now and then , so he better get used to him or her.

Cat health is a crucial part of the cat care process, thus finding the right vet and keeping in touch with him/her will help you a lot monitor your cat’s wellness.

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