Stop Your Cat from Scratching and Biting
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Kittens are lovely playful creatures, though sometimes they can bite and scratch. It’s a normal behavior, especially for kittens, and often it’s a sign of excitement rather than anger. In some cases though, it might become a real issue. It’s a cute behavior, but when it comes to kittens playing with little kids, this might become dangerous. The bright side of this problem is that it can be solved and you can stop your cat from scratching and biting.

Stop Kittens from Scratching and Biting

kittens scratch and bite:

Cat biting when playing is normal same with scratching. It’s the kitten’s way to have social skills, to draw their limits next to their siblings and everyone in their entourage, sometimes it’s only for fun. However, if it’s exaggerated, it could be a detector of anger, fear or worse: pain. Below you’ll find the normal situations where your cat bites and scratches:

– When someone else complains about your cat nipping, it’s not necessarily your kitten’s fault; it could be that that person, especially if it’s a young kid, is playing harshly with your kid kitty, which triggers that defense mechanism.

– Paws and belly are the most sensitive parts of your cat’s body. Maybe some cats don’t mind being touched anywhere, but others get very protective and aggressive when touching those parts. So if you want to stop your cat from scratching and biting, avoid rubbing those parts

– Sometimes your cat gets bothered, starts biting and shows signs of pain when you gently rub some parts of its little body. If that’s the case, you need to get her to the vet to examine her closely.

– Make sure that this kitten behavior isn’t triggered by something or someone in particular. If so you might want to seek for the reason why your kitty has such an attitude towards it.

How to stop scratching and biting?

Often pet owners encourage this cat behavior by mistake and wonder how to stop cat from biting, especially if they have dogs too. Scuffling with a cat is different than scuffling with a dog. Make sure that you, your family and friends understand the difference and don’t encourage your cat nipping. Use toys when you roughhouse with your kid kitty and don’t use your hands, if not the cat will think they’re for playing, which won’t stop your cat from scratching and biting.

If you have done the vet exam, and physically nothing is wrong, also you’ve minimalized roughhousing with your bare fingers. And still, nothing seems to change. In this case, how to prevent cats from scratching and biting?

Trim the Claws:

Trimming claws should be on a regular basis. Don’t worry it’s not like declawing your cat; it’s harmless and is even necessary. However, avoid using human clippers, instead vote for cat ones. And if you consult your vet about it, he or she will tell you the right length to trim and even assist you through it if it’s your first experience with it.
Express your pain!

Don’t yell at your cat or punish it, just express gently your pain when you have your cat’s attention. Also, don’t pull your hand off of your kitty out of a sudden; she will think that it’s part of the game which probably won’t stop your cat from scratching and biting until it’s done. But instead, slowly push your hand against Fluffy, remove its clutches and slowly take your hand away. It’s an easy way to learn how to stop cat biting.

Leave your kid a break!

Whenever your cat nips you, leave her alone for a while, or take her to a quiet room alone in there. If after about 15 minutes you open the door to find her asleep, which is mostly the case, let her be. If you find her awake and waiting for you to come and open the door; it usually means that she’s seeking your affection along with your attention, in that case, don’t be the educator, be the loving parent and show her how much love you carry for her. And repeat; repetition is how cats are trained, and that’s the way you learn how to stop a kitten from biting.

Conveying Kitten’s attention is important!

As a cat owner, you probably wonder “Why does my cat keep biting me? “.Well, sometimes cats bit and scratch for the simple reason that they’re bored and looking for an interesting object to play with. One of the ways to learn how to train a cat not to do something is by scheduling a 15 minutes play session using teaser toys, or laser-beams toys or basically, any toy that can substitute your hands and also stimulate your cat as well as consume its energy. It’s also great if the play session gets fun and energetic for both of you.

Moreover, let’s not forget that scratching is a natural reflex for the kitty, having a scratching post inside the house would be a wise decision; not only it conserves the kitty’s instinct but also gives an alternative to scratch on. Plus, you can find a variety of scratching posts in the market; the horizontal ones, the vertical ones, the ones with many levels; you’ll get to find a suitable one for your kitty.

Finale resort to changing kitten’s behavior :

You, your family and friends have tried everything we mentioned before to stop your cat from scratching and biting, you did everything right but still, nothing changes. Don’t worry; in this case, you’ll need a vet’s or a behavior specialist’s assistance. These experts will teach you how to train a kitten to stop biting, based on your feline’s features, its situation, and lifestyle in a personalized way.

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