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Cats have an instinctive need to mark their territories, and scratching is one of the ways they do exactly that, especially where they feel the most defenseless and weak. You must have noticed that cat scratching everything and everywhere, your furniture, your trees, your boxes, is a natural thing, it’s their way to leave their smell all around their territories, plus the sound they make is a means of communication with other cats. Thus, as a cat owner, it is important for you to learn how to stop cat scratching your furniture.

The moment the scratching point is ruined and can take no more scratching. Fluffy feels then the need to remark his territory once again, and it never stops. Cats also scratch to hone their claws once the new ones are ready to grow, which is called stropping.

How to stop cat scratching your furniture?

To answer the question:” How to stop cat scratching your furniture? You first need to find your cat an alternative place where Fluffy can scratch and spare your furniture. Some cats like to scratch upwards, while some others like the flat surfaces like carpets.

According to your cat’s preferences, you can find a variety of scratching facilities in the market suiting your pet; there are even some that allow your cat to climb and have as many levels as you want.

In order to reassure your cat and give him a strong feeling of control, take a piece of fabric or cotton and kindly rub it around its cute little face, to pick up his scent, then brush the scratching surface it will definitely reassure your kid kitty and keep him busy with the scratching area you prepared for him, and, this will definitely make the process of keeping your cat from scratching your furniture go a bit faster.

You can encourage your cat to use the scratching post you brought for him, by treating him and giving him praises whenever he uses it. You can also rub the post with catnip to make your pet in love with it. But you need to remember that in order to learn how stop cat scratching furniture, the most important thing is to avoid punishing him; your cat keeps scratching anyway, even if you punish and yell at him, in fact, it can only make it worse.

When it comes to your sofa, cut the shredded parts and rub them with a wet tissue to take of the scent your cat made sure to leave. You can also cover your sofa with a different piece of fabric to mislead your cat.

The cat scratching posts:

Scratching is an important part of your cat’s life, it’s instinctive and it makes it feel secure. If you get your cat a scratching post that suits him, it could, in fact, protect your sofa and maybe even your wallpaper from eventual scratches, it’s actually one of the most efficient cat scratching solutions. So, how to stop your cat scratching the furniture and make him use the scratching post?

Do cats scratch furniture?

Cat’s scratching is an inherent need in every cat’s life for several reasons. First, that’s your furry friend’s way to mark its territory by keeping its smell in it. Second, it’s a natural reaction towards the feeling of weakness and defenseless. Last but not least, scratching is a means to sharpen claws once the new ones are about to grow.

Thus, the cat must remark its territory once the scratching spot is ruined by finding a new place to scratch, and this is an unstoppable process.
Hence, every cat’s owner must be aware of some essential tips to stop cats’ scratching.

Best scratching posts:

Though scratching is an inherent need for cats, there are numerous ways to stop it or reduce the damages. It is necessary to figure out alternative scratching spots for your cat and this differs from one cat to another; some like to scratch upwards others prefer flat surfaces. It’s all up to your cat’s preferences to choose the alternatives suitable which are available in the market. For instance, cats that like flat surfaces will enjoy the Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip, others who like upwards scratching want to go for the Scratching Posts. Besides, training your cat to scratch on a scratching post from an early age is highly recommended.

The perfect case scenario would be to have him trained to use the scratching post only, at a very young age. However, even if it’s not the case, and you have your cat scratching on furniture and wandering around the house leaving all kind of marks here and there, you can train him by encouraging the use of the scratching post, through treats or praises or both, a slight rub of catnip will have a magical impact as well, and will stop your cat scratching leather furniture for good.

Scents cats hate/ are they safe?

Cats abhor many scents. Thus, it is highly recommended to spay the furniture around the house to make your furry friend not scratch them.
Note that some scents are toxic, such as citrus, rosemary, rue, and cinnamon. Hence, you may use mint, wintergreen, menthol, and lavender.

What can I spray on furniture to keep cats off?

Citronella, lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, and orange are oils that are the best non-toxic cats’ repellants. They are also secure homemade solutions. All you need to do is to mix some essential oil with water and spray them in the areas you don’t your furry friend to get in.

How do you keep cats from scratching furniture with vinegar? Homemade spray remedy:

We all have some areas at home that we always make sure to stay clean, and we prefer that cats do not get in. So, vinegar is also your life savior because cats abhor its scent.
Spray the vinegar on the places where you don’t want cats to reach, and your problem is solved.
Application mode: Mix both water and apple cider vinegar equally in a spray bottle and put it in the spots damaged by your cat.

How to protect your furniture from cat scratching?

There are four significant steps to follow to protect furniture from cats scratching:

  • Furniture should always stay covered. It also helps to avoid dirt or hair
  • Spray the areas with vinegar (Read the paragraph below)
  • Lay double-sided tape on the furniture
  • Make sure you clip the cat’s claws regularly.

How to protect the wood from scratching damage?

Wood can gets damaged easily due to cats scratching. So, to avoid this, it is advised to cover the wood surfaces with double-sided “sticky” tape, aluminum foil, or even cellophane.

Will clipping cat’s claws stop scratching?

It’s crystal clear that clipping the cat’s claws stops scratching. Yet, you should only clip off the sharp tips of your furry friend on all four feet once every week. And this is not unhealthy as long as it’s an indoor cat.

Here are some useful tips for healthy and safe clipping:

  • Soft talks help your cat to stay calm while clipping,
  • Hold the cat on your lap until it’s relaxed and comfortable,
  • Hold one paw, press it gently on pads and clip off the end of the claw.
  • Reward your baby as soon as you’re done with the process to make them tolerate it.

What is the most efficient cat repellent?

This question is mainly concerned with outdoor cats that are not welcome over, mostly by people who are not adopting cats or they do, but outdoor cats can create a sort of danger to their indoor cat.

Numerous cat repellents are available in the market, yet we don’t advise the use of chemical products as they might be unhealthy for the cats, and they are usually polluting.

To ensure the cat’s safety and to be sure your furniture won’t be damaged, as a cat parent, you should keep in mind that cats need to be praised and rewarded from time to another. For example, when they scratch the scratching posts instead of the furniture as well as when they are calm while claws clipping, make sure they get the deserved reward and praise.

To learn how to stop cat scratching your furniture you first need to get a scratching post, and whether it’s the first time you do it or is it that you want to change to old torn one, a huge variety of scratching posts exist in the market, some more amazing than the others. You’ll definitely find a suitable one for your kid.

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