How to give a cat a pill? tips to make it easier to give medication

How to give a cat a pill? tips to make it easier to give medication
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There are owners who are deeply unhappy when their cat is prescribed medication. That is understandable, because giving an unwilling cat a pill is not without danger for his own limbs. Use the tips below if you need help to enter medication for your cat.

How to give a cat a pill?

According to the booklet

The method that is recommended by default is as follows. You pick up the cat and put it on the table for example. While one is holding the cat, the other is pushing the cat’s cheeks with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, thereby opening the mouth. With the other hand you push the pill in (as far back as possible) and let the cat swallow. Do not keep his head up or back , as that makes swallowing difficult!

Give the cat something to drink immediately or carefully spray some water into the mouth to prevent a pill from getting stuck in the throat or esophagus and causing irritation. Pay attention that the cat does not spit out the pill after a few seconds!

Taking the cat on your lap or in the arm is also a possibility with a friendly and calm cat.

If you have to give tablets for a longer period of time, it is advisable to give the cat a treat after the pill. He will not really appreciate the pill, but the reward will.

Plan B

For many people, the method according to the book is not really useful, or only once or twice. Then the cat quickly understands what is going to happen and can give the pills a big fight.

Swaddling the cat in a towel or a sweater is an option, but this is starting to get pretty unpleasant for the animal.
There are also ‘pill shooters’ on the market, with which you can ‘shoot’ a pill in the mouth. That is safer for your fingers, but not really pleasant for the cat either.

tips to make it easier to give medication

Give a pill stress-free

If you have a nervous or frightened cat, then all the above tricks are not really conducive to the mutual relationship. It comes down to being smarter than your cat and making sure you can give him the pill without him noticing. Just hiding in his food does not help, the cat will either refuse to eat or eat carefully around the pill.

Then what? (first consult your veterinarian if this is possible with the medication that your cat has been prescribed)

  • Put a pill in a small ball of pate or something similar, freeze it and allow the outside to thaw a little before use. For example, the cat does not notice that there is something hard in it and freezing takes away much of the taste
  • Rub the pill fine between two spoons and mix it with something sticky with a strong taste (liver sausage, pâté, spreadable cheese, peanut butter, little tuna on canned water, cat milk etc)
  • just use canned food to mix the crushed tablet, but also stir in a crushed (yeast) candy so that the taste of the pill is hidden
  • use a product such as Easypill. You can wrap a layer of this around the pill to hide it.
  • chew sticks are also great for hiding a pill
  • use your imagination and alternate regularly. As soon as the cat smells or tastes something he does not trust, you will have to come up with something new next time!

In all cases it is useful to first give the cat something without a pill, then a portion with a pill and then another without a pill.

What you should never do when giving pills

It is absolutely forbidden to ‘raid’ your cat when he is lying on his favorite spot or when he is sitting on the litter box. This can cause your cat to lose its safe place or to avoid the litter box.

Near despair?

Stay calm under all circumstances! If your cat gets really stressed out, the medicine can be worse than the disease. Consult with your veterinarian. Some medicines can be processed by your veterinarian into a drink (suspension) that you can mix with wet food or cat milk.

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