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Fleas in cats are little vampires that feed on their blood. They’re little parasites with a huge danger, as the saliva in their bites causes itching in humans and cats and carries a lot of diseases. Frequent fleas contaminations can, eventually, lead to a cat flea allergy.

Does my cat have fleas?

When your cat starts scratching, it would be wise to inspect his or her fur closely as it might have caught fleas in cats, if you start massaging it and getting your hands deep in the fur you can get a close look and see if your pet is fleas free or not, if it happens that you bump into fleas or black spots or both, you must know that they are indicators for fleas in cats infections.

Don’t get the wrong idea that good hygiene could prevent fleas in cats; actually, every cat can get fleas, and by using a flea comb you can easily differentiate between fleas and their excrements.

Does my cat get the fleas randomly?
You might, like most people, think that you get fleas in cats from another animal, while it’s not accurate; researches have shown that fleas hardly jump from a pet to another. And this is the process that a flea goes through that eventually your kitten has fleas:

  • Adult fleas in cats feed on the blood of their host.
  • After being fed they can produce a tremendous amount of eggs that can go from hundreds to thousands of them.
  • Some of the eggs usually fall in the ground.
  • The Larvae come out from those eggs and crawl to dark spots
  • After feeding on fleas excrements and shedding a few times they finally metamorphose into pupas.
  • Each transformed pupa holds a flea developing into an adult flea.
  • Due to the heat and the vibrations, the fleas finally come out.
  • They wait in the field until a dog or cat passes there and they jump on board.
  • After sucking the blood, they get ready to produce eggs, and the cycle completes.
  • If the cycle isn’t interrupted and it repeats, your pet will nest a lot of fleas and the cat flea removal won’t be a simple task.

How do the infections of fleas in cats grow worse?

In order for the indoor cat fleas to get born, the flea pupae need to pop, and this needs both heat and vibrations, if one of those two components is absent, they hold the developing fleas until the perfect conditions arrive.

That’s why a lot of times your pet gets infested the most after a period of absence like a holiday, once you get home, vibrations start to accentuate, thus, the pupae thrive and a whole army of fleas are waiting to be escorted, sometimes the flea infestation gets extreme that it might even get to your legs.

How to get rid of fleas on cats?


Buying a good and safe insecticide is what to do when your cat has fleas, to ensure a total cat flea removal. It’s preferable that you buy it from your vet to make sure that it’s harmless both for you and your kitty.

Each one of the product below is a treatment for fleas in cats:
Neck pipes (Stronghold® / Vectra Felis®): Is one of the most efficient and safe treatments for fleas in cats and you can easily get it from your vet.
Otherwise, you can get some good ones from Amazon, there’s the variety you can choose from, such us: Advantage cat and Cheristin for Cats.
The injection (Program®): Though your cat is injected twice a year with an agent equivalent to a contraceptive pill, it is not a good way to prevent fleas in cats if they already have fleas because it does not kill the fleas right away.
Collars like Seresto cat: It’s a recent way to treat fleas in cats and it works for 8 months.
The spray for the environment: One of the best ways of treating fleas on cats; it’s used to make the environment flea-free.
Pills, powders, cat flea shampoos are other obsolete home remedies like garlic don’t have efficient and immediate results, they work partially and some of them have no effect at all.


If you have fleas in cats it’s probably that the entire house is infested, it’s best that you vacuum, especially where your cats with fleas are used to hang out.
Also bathing a cat for fleas using natural flea shampoo for cats would be useful and it completes the treatment for fleas in cats.

How to prevent your cat from catching fleas?

The best preventive plan is to use the pesticides mentioned above, as they also prevent fleas in cats from rising and kill them within 24 hours and forbids flea eggs from lying again.

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