How to Deal with a Bored Cat?

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Boredom in cats at a certain level is acceptable; as cats just like people get bored. But when the bored cat starts having a destructive temperament, it certainly means that there’s an underlying health problem and as a cat owner you want your baby to be perfectly healthy and happy.

Signs of boredom don’t always hide boredom:

Do cats get bored? Well yes, boredom in cats is a normal state, but remember, boredom symptoms can sometimes indicate medical issues far beyond the boredom itself, especially if your cat’s behavior becomes aggressive. If your cats boredom and attitude keep persisting a vet visit would be necessary.

A kitty requires a special cat environment:

Cats need to move and be busy with a lot of activities in order to stay healthy and away from problems. To deal with a bored cat you need to come up with a stimulating environment to keep him or her away from trouble. As a carrying cat owner these tips are to help prevent boredom in cats:

A scratching post and a cat tree are a must have!

A bored cat isn’t going to be bored anymore if he or she had all the necessary equipment to make his or her environment more familiar. Cats love to have cat trees or cat gyms around, as they need perches to keep an eye on their territory, it makes them feel secure. Also, they need a scratching post to sharpen their nails and also to have a personal area to mark with those scratches; let alone that it would be a good alternative to your furniture!

Cat’s need a special safe zone:

A bored cat needs a place to stay alone and safe in; make your kitty a little place, make them a little comfortable and cozy place to lay in and something to hide in if needed like a little box. It’s best that it would be somewhere next to the window where they get to watch birds outside and also be high enough to observe his or her own territory.

Cat’s entertainment with toys is important:

Toys are really important in order for you not to have a bored cat; they stimulate your pet and give him or her fun times and most of all keep them healthy. For instance, a cat board game is a good exercise.

You need to have a variety of bored cats toys, which come in different colors, shapes, sounds, and features; as different cats like different toys, so in order to pick up the right one, buy one of each category and start testing to figure out your favorite bored cat toys. Or you can make them on your own using components you already have in your household.

Furthermore, it would be wise if you rotate your bored cat toys so that he or she doesn’t have enough of them or any one of them. Hide them for a while and then reintroduce.

You should have a view in your window:

Cats like to stay next to the window with a view, also they like staying in high places. So keep your bored cat in a high window with a view outside of a high inside cat tree, which will help stimulate him or her. If you can’t find a high place to put the cat bed, you can find cat beds with hammocks in stores and you can suspend them on the window.

Catnip: the magic remedy

You can rub some catnip in the toys you buy to your bored cat or spray them with it, to push him or her out of this state, as Catnip is a herb from the mint family and it a natural stimulant that is safe for cats with no heart diseases history, not all cats are impacted by catnip, but if your bored kitty is, he won’t be a bored cat anymore, he will become a high happy cat, as he might start rolling around and jumping up and down all over the place. You also can grow it yourself!

Growing some grass would be welcomed:

Cats need to chew on grass because it helps them clear the digestive tracks which are mostly clogged with fur. It would be a good idea to get your indoor bored cat the experience of indoor grass; as it would make him very happy.

Always show affection:

It’s important to keep showing affection in order to prevent having a bored cat. These furry creatures might like to stay alone but certainly not isolated. Give your cat enough love and attention when you can. A cat game session on a regular basis helps a lot too; as cats need interaction, which comes with regular play times and cuddles, cuddles and a lot of cuddles!

Also, let your cat lay down next to you when you’re watching TV, it’s a good bonding moment, and your cat will let you know when he or she had enough.

Collective play sessions enhance the bonds:

In case you plan on having a new mate. A smooth introduction will be welcomed. Some cats don’t blend in with new friends quickly, and even lose their social skills around them. So make sure you introduce them to each other properly, also encourage playing sessions between them, to enhance their bonds and also to prevent your first cat to become a bored cat.

Personally, I got lucky as my three cats got along easily, maybe after a few days of growling and hissing, but soon they became friends and play bodies.

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