How To Choose A Healthy Rescue Kitten?

How To Choose A Healthy Rescue Kitten?
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You’ve set your mind, and you finally decided to turn the dream you had for so long of becoming a loving cat owner into reality, so you took yourself to the nearest shelter for rescue kittens to find your cute little body. That’s so thoughtful of you and certainly a huge step, but did you consider to give it a second thought at least until you figure out your ability to take care of a little baby kitty. First of all, you need to determine how much time you’re willing to spend with this babe.

Do you have a crazy schedule and only need a body with the usual rescue kitten needs? Or do you look for a rescue kitten with a social or health disabilities to devote a huge amount of your time and resources to in order to give it a chance for a better life?

Sometimes you just fall for an abused rescue kitten; they might be cute but before you adopt a kitten, prepare to commit to this cutie. Therefore, before going straight to the rescue kitten shelter in the corner, plan ahead and detect the suitable cat features for you.

Though it’s a huge and merciful step to adopt a rescue kitten with some kind of a cat health issue, it doesn’t always match with your lifestyle or abilities; a sick rescue kitten requires extra time and resources.

here are 7 signs of a sick rescue kitten:

1# The weight: If the rescue kitten is so thin that you could see its ribs, it means that it wasn’t well fed and might have worms, if the rescue kitten is fat it means that he wasn’t fed appropriate healthy kitten food. In both cases, it would be hard to make the rescue kitty get back in shape, as sudden weight loss is dangerous and gaining it is a bit hard. Vet visits, in those cases, are mandatory and some medications can be required too.

2# The fur and the skin: A torn skin, a matted or dull fur definitely is the result of sickness and neglect. Check the fur, if you find evidence of fleas, then this will need to be treated using medications, if the infection is severe this means that the rescue kitten is anemic which means an even bigger problem lies behind it.

3# Check the ears: When you see that the rescue kitten’s ears are dirty or if the cutie shakes her head regularly, this means that she has mites, which will demand an extended course of treatment.

4# The windows to the soul: The eyes! Runny eyes with a lot of discharges mean one thing: infection maybe even a serious disease.

5# The breathing: Dryness of the noise, discharge, and coughing indicate a serious health issue.

6# Mouth: A red, swelling and pale gum or missing teeth means bad dental health, which means the rescue kitten wasn’t getting the proper cat care and this probably will lead to serious diseases.

7# The tail: The presence or poop in the tail area indicates infections.

What to do when you rescue a kitten?

Keep in mind that even a healthy rescue kitten will require the vet’s help to stay that way, according to Dr. Marty Becker from Pet Connection, produced by a team of pet-care professionals headed by “Good Morning America” and “The Dr. Oz Show” veterinarian.

He also recommends to schedule all the necessary exams, checkups and preventive-care consultations as soon as you adopt the new rescue kitten, also to seize each and every moment to help the rescue kitten get in shape again and turn into an affectionate, tender, confident, happy and healthy kitty with good cat behavior.

If you’re a new parent who just adopted a rescue kitten from a shelter, your experience and advice will help a lot of people who want to adopt a healthy rescue kitten. Please comment below to share any advice you may have!

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