How to Clean a Cat’s Teeth ?

Is there something such as dental cat food?

Cat Food to Prevent Dental Issues

Cat Food to Prevent Dental Issues

The cat food industry, like any other industry, is a competitive one, in order to give the best product a lot of companies try to give comprehensive sort of food choices, foods that are able to improve your cat’s health, diet, and its dental hygiene as well.

Many studies have been done to seek the link between dental cat foods and the dental health, eventually; they came up with the same result which is the benefits these dental hygiene specific cat foods have, as they reduce tartar, teeth decay, and plaque. To avoid any possible cat teeth cleaning risks, consult your vet to recommend you the right dental cat food for your kitty.

Is wet food bad for cats teeth? :

Wet cat food is better for senior cats that don’t have the ability to chew at all. However, serving only wet food does not help remove plaque as much as chewing does, in order to keep the balance, adding crunchy kibble bits to the diet helps cover the missing dental benefit, or using a toy chew to stimulate the gum and remove the plaque.

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