How to Approach an Injured Cat?

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Taking care of your cat has so many aspects and one of the most crucial ones is treating your pet when it gets harmed, as well as when you find a stray injured cat.

So how to approach an injured cat? And how to help an injured stray cat? To succeed in the injured cat rescue mission you need to keep in mind that this cute little peaceful creature can be threatening with its mouth and it’s four sets of claws.

It’s natural that sometimes the injured cat gets scared — particularly when in his mind you were the reason he or she’s harmed— thus, you need to be extremely cautious when you tend to approach your pet.

It actually could be upsetting, and awful to be hurt by the scared kitty you were just trying to help.

So here are some steps to show you how to approach an injured cat:

Step N°1: Found injured cat, what to do? Well first kindly get near the injured cat and use a reassuring tone when talking to the pet.
Step N°2: do not touch the cat when coming next to him or her.
Step N°3: bend down to the pet. Keep speaking while you analyze his body language and eyes movements.

  • If the injured cat has his eyes wide open, ears directed to the back, giving you the hissing sound and keeps growling, do not try to pet it.
  • If the pet is cringing and trembling try to pet it to comfort and reassure it, first rub him behind the head. If the injured cat allowed this move, rub the rest of the head and the neck. Scratch the ears and stroke under the chin is make cats feel good and safe.

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