How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

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Feeding cats is one of the priorities a cat owner should learn. If you’re a new parent you must be asking a lot of questions such as: “how much should I feed my cat?”, “how to feed a cat?”, “what to feed cats” and a lot about kitties and food. And even when you own a kitty for a while, sometimes you just wonder if you’re doing it the right way.

Therefore, we assembled these points for you to remember whenever the question “how much should I feed my cat?” pops into your head.

How much should I feed my cat?” question’s fundamentals:

Answering “how much to feed a cat?” depends on many components, which are:

  • You kid’s weigh
  • His age
  • What to feed cats: dry of wet food?
  • How’s fluffy’s activity?
  • Is your cat kid’s pregnant or nursing?
  • The food brands you’re buying

All of these points should be considered in order to answer the question: «how much should I feed my cat?”.
A dense food with high quality dry food has more nourishment in it, therefore compared to the low quality one; you only need a small portion to fill the needs of your kid’s body and to satiate his hunger.

Feeding cats dry food all day long and only once or twice canned food is not necessarily a bad habit if the quality of the product is high, you’ll only need to hydrate more your kitty to restitute the water your kitty’s body was getting from canned food.

How many times a day should I feed my cat?

Kitties are very sensitive and even a small change in the life style could get them stress out. So when you newly adopt a kitty or a cat, do not ask “how much should I feed my cat?” nor “how often should I feed my cat?”, just make sure you maintain the exact same eating schedule with the same kind and portions of food the cat used to have, and step by step, by taking small changes at the time you can make your kid new eating habits, while giving time to his digestive system time to get used to them.

The moment you notice that your kid kitty is ready to shift into a new eating system, then you’ll have to think of the kind and the quality of food you want to feed cat: dry or moist/cooked or not, while counting the calories of each meal, then you can find out the right portions of each kind of food for your kitty.

Wet food or dry? What to feed cats:

One of the important things to keep in mind while answering the existential question:” How much food should I feed my cat?” is: elements you feed cat.

Cat’s body needs essentially animal proteins like the ones in the red and white meats. When you buy dry food, make sure it contains high animal proteins and less vegetarian ones; as the digestive system accommodates badly to plant based proteins. Also the Carbohydrates should represent less than ten percent of the entire food your kitty consumes.

The moist food must essentially be made out of meat and the fewer amount possible of products and fillers.
Yet the question “How much should I feed my cat” remains unanswered? Let’s do some math then:

  • The Animal Medical Center of NYC says that an active, grown cat of 8 pounds and perfectly good health, should consume approximately 30 calories per pound and per day; which makes it the average of 240 calories per day.
  • Dry food has 300 calories per cup, while the canned has around 250 calories in every 6 oz can which is the equivalent of 125 in each can of 3 ounces.
  • An adult cat of 8 pounds needs the average of 4 to 5 cups of dry food, or less than 6 oz can (the equivalent of a can of 3 ounces) of wet food every day. You’ll have to adapt the kind, whether it’s dry or wet food according to your kid’s preferences.

If you let your kitty eat dry food whenever he feels like to, make sure you measure the right portion for the day, according to the measurements below.

This technique prevents food waste and your kitty gets enough food. Also you get to observe carefully your cat’s diet; in situation like when you take your thin cat to the vet, it helps to easily diagnose the illness.

A variety of food with the right portions will prevent your kid from getting fat and a control-free eating habit would ruin your kid’s health.

How often should I feed my cat?

The answer of «how many times a day should I feed my cat?” depends on what you feed your cat, the kind and the quality of food determine how much and when to feed a cat. Some people feed their kitties twice a day, and might or might not need to add a supplement feeding during the day; it all depends on the food, its quality and its portions.

Does your kitty eat the right amount of food her body needs?

As your kitty grows, her body grows and changes with her, with that being said, her eating habits should change as well to adjust to those changes.

If you can easily feel her bones and ribs, then she doesn’t eat enough, if in the other hand, you can’t reach the ribs than she’s eating more than what her body needs. Keep an eye on her, and according to your judgments adapt her diet.

When you wonder: «how much should I feed my cat?” keep in mind that it’s harder to get an overweight cat to lose weight then the opposite. And having a healthy kitty is always joyful.

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