How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

Why do some cats have a “favorite” person?

The choice can be systematic and calculative like in the case of the cat choosing the person who feeds it the most, the person who plays with it the most, or maybe the person who makes it feel secure and safe the most. However, sometimes, the act of choosing a favorite person can be very random for instance, the choice might be due to a person’s smell, whether that person is male or female, or even depending on the age of the person. (Cats usually prefer adults over children because adults understand and respect the cats’ personal space whereas kids are curious and can confuse, annoy, or scare the cats).

Do cats pick a favorite owner?

Cat favoritism is an enigma, and there is no logic behind it. When a family adopts a cat, there is no predicting which family member would be the cat’s favorite. It might be the person who feeds the pets every day, the one who plays with them, or maybe the one who makes them feel safe the most. There is no set criteria on which the cats choose that person, and to make matters even more complicated, each cat is different and unique. The person Cat A chooses might not be the same that Cat B chooses. Overall, it boils down to the person who forms the strongest bond with the cat regardless of the activity that bonds them.

Do cats imprint on one person?

As it was previously mentioned, cat favoritism is arbitrary and unpredictable. It might happen over time or instantly but once a favorite person is chosen, there is no going back. However, one cannot guess whom the person the cat will like the most or bond with the strongest.

The choice is random and can only be explained with the fact that cats naturally gravitate towards who understands them best. In a way, the better you are at reading your cat’s language, the more chances you have that your cat will imprint on you.

How to win over your cat?

You have to understand that cats are very different from dogs. You might meet a cat that is forward and does not mind playing with strangers (which is what most dogs would do, but that is only a rare case. Often, if not always, cats are wary and do not trust easily. To get your cat to like you, you must treat it like a shy kid. You do not ambush a shy kid with overexcitement and affection upon meeting them now do you? You will only make matters worse. Being touchy-feely is another faux pas. Let it come around on its own once it feels safe and secure enough. Soon enough, your cat will realize that you are not a threat and starts being all cuddly and cute.

How long can a cat remember a person?

Most animals have an average short memory of about 27 seconds however; cats have an impressive 16-hour average. The latter means that if you interact with a cat, chances are it will remember you up to 16 hours later. However, things are different when it comes to a cat you own and with which you interact on a daily basis. Because animals mostly remember things on an “associative memory” basis, interacting with your cat everyday means it will grow to associate you with “thing”, mostly food, shelter, and safety.

If you manage to be associated to those three elements then chances are your cat will remember you for a very long time.

Do cats have a favorite human?

In simple words, cats are attracted most to the person who interacts with them best. The more you feed, the more it seeks you out when it is hungry. The more you play with it, the more it tries to lure you into playing. The more you understand its need for space, the more it reaches out for you to cuddle. It is all about reading your cat right. So, in a way, cats do choose favorite humans depending on the bond they share with them.

How Can You Become Your Cat’s Favorite?

Cats are cautious and do not trust easily, so if you manage to achieve that with your cat then you are already on a good track to becoming its favorite! However, extra measures are to be taken to reach that status. For example, if your kitty is still young and loves playing, it would be good to play with it as often as possible. (Buy her toys too!) Something else is that you give it treats for doing something good. Rewards are ALWAYS appreciated. And finally, if your cat is outdoorsy, it would be great to take it our for walks from time to time.

Does my cat love me?

There are quite a few telling things your cat does that scream I LOVE YOU! You just have to be more observant. For example, head-butting is among the cutest ways your cat shows you how it feels. Another thing is when your cat follows you around or rubs against your legs. It’s even better if it’s purring! That might even mean that it’s asking for some pets. Another sign is when your shows you its belly. This might not be a sign of “love” per se but it definitely says, “I trust you”. Finally, what might be the biggest sign of cat love is when the cat brings you presents. The presents might not be fancy, but they surely show you how much your cat cares about you.

Do cats get jealous?

First things first, you need to understand that what humans consider “jealousy” might not be the same emotional state that cats (or any other animal for that matter!) undergoes. However, we can call it “territorial instinct”. Cats are, after all, wild animals, and to live in the wilderness means to fight and compete over food and water. As it was mentioned previously, cats associate humans who interact with them in general and their owner in particular with food, shelter, and safety.

So, it’s only natural that your cat’s behavior will change once there’s another pet (or maybe a baby!) in the house. It would feel like its resources are being threatened.

Why does my cat come after me even to the bathroom?

This might be due to a few things but it mostly boils down to fear or curiosity. In the case of fear, your cat might feel safer when you’re around. If you go into a room and close the door behind you, this might cause the cat to feel unsafe and vulnerable. In the case of curiosity, cats have a thing with closed doors. It’s like an enigma for them. Anytime there’s a room with a closed door, the cat would want to see what’s happening behind it.

However, the reason might not be either of these two and your cat follows you because it likes you and wants to be near you (probably to get some pets too!).

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