How Do Cats Choose Their Favorite Person?

5# Advices for all the cat owners:

Cat behaviors
Cats choose their favorite person, so in order for you two to bond you need your kitty cat to come to you and not the opposite, Marilyn says in this matter :“ people need to encourage the kitty to come to them.

They can be across the room or a few feet away. All they need to do is to lean or squat down to the cat’s level and point an index finger towards the cat at her nose level. If the cat is feeling secure and social, she will advance to the outstretched finger, touch it with her nose, turn her head and rub it with her cheek. She is essentially marking the person with pheromones from scent glands on her cheeks. This is an invitation to pet her.”

Day after day you and your kitty cat become one; as you bond intensively you become having each other’s behaviors, and that is what a research published in ‘Behavioral Processes ‘has showed. After more than 120 hours of data was gathered while observing cat owners with their kittens, behaviorists mad the conclusion that the impact seen in a person -person relationship is seen in a cat-person one ; both personalities seem to adapt to each other.

Mostly, kitties bond more with the person who knows how to pay careful attention to them in other to interpret his signs to the best and also to better come to their needs.
Misconceptions about kittens are still so numerous, even though we have so many studies about the cats.

People still tend to see them as useless selfish creatures that are impossible to train.

Fortunately, thanks to the media and other communication meals cats are starting to be viewed differently. Marilyn says: “This may be at least partly due to their growing popularity along with books, TV shows and other media venues that show that cats can be trained and that they are often social and affectionate.”

As a cat owner you must have noticed that kitties are not so different from us. They want you to be watchful, to know how to listen to them, to take care of them and they definitely will return you the favor with love and affection.

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