Games For Cats To Play And Why They’re So Important!

games for cats to play
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As the owner of a real living room tiger, you naturally also want your animal to live its life as naturally as possible. That is why a house must offer a lot of variety if it is to be suitable for a cat. The more play zones there are, the better that is for the cat. Flexible feeding times fit in better with their natural living conditions than fixed times. Your cat should get the last snack before bedtime when you go to bed yourself. If the cat lives in a varied environment, she can handle stress better.

That is why it is important that you play with her as much as possible. Also bring a new box at least once a week as a shelter, because it changes its scent world. It is also important to integrate new things into the sound experience.

Why is playing with domestic cats so important?

For cats, playing is enormously important, because they can release some stress from them. They follow their natural instinct and stay mentally and physically fit. Indoor cats have far fewer options for enjoying themselves than free roaming cats. These cats in particular need extra exercise and play, so that the muscles and bones do not weaken and the intellect is addressed. Also when playing with indoor cats it quickly becomes clear that the room tigers are not amateur players. When they live together with people, they continue to enjoy playing at a great age. As soon as you spend more time with your pet, you will be happy to have a playmate. Cats that are just dozing in the corner have usually just surrendered to their fate with boredom.

How do you stimulate your animal with cat toys in the right way?

When playing deliberately with indoor cats you can also address the intelligence of your pet. They always need new challenges in order not to get bored. They soon feel insufficiently inspired indoors. The Grumpy Cat Sock, a sock with rustling foil and exciting catnip , is so irresistible that your animal will stay busy for hours. The bell inside the sock provides additional incentive.

Sturdy toys such as the KONG Kickeroo Kitten are just as desirable, because these also stimulate the playing pleasure and offer thousands of possibilities to keep yourself busy. Plush toys always exert a great attraction on cats. Play mice or other animals that are filled with spelled or catnip are particularly welcome . Carry around, bump, throw in the air or put in the teeth, your cat can spend hours on this toy. A plush animal is often also a beloved cuddle partner.

Intelligence toys for cats from branded products

When playing with indoor cats , intelligent toys are not too much to ask, because they stimulate creativity and make the cats more mobile in many ways. The Catit Play-N-Scratch from Hagen is virtually irresistible to cats, because it can be found on everything. The play set has a scratching mat, a ball, a fluffy toy and the wildly desired catnip.

The Cat Activity Fun Board from Trixie also connects many play functions. The Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit is a real highlight, providing the cat’s everyday life with some pace. A luminous ball whips through the mountain and valley course, which can be combined or expanded with other elements. We can hardly imagine a better movement stimulation, because your cat will go tirelessly after the ball.

More agility when playing with indoor cats

If a cat passes through an obstacle course without errors, we can talk about Cat Agility or also cat agility. Cat Agility is a great opportunity for living room tigers to stay fit and in shape. This training is cat friendly and stimulates the entire musculoskeletal system, but also appeals to the intelligence of your pet. If you and your cat are beginners with cat agility, start at a low level and increase it slowly. The course should not demand too much from your cat, otherwise she simply will not participate. If you have the right toy, you can start it and encourage your cat to come and play. You will see that she gratefully accepts the offer.

Playing hide and seek with cats

Cats love to play hide and seek. In a tunnel or behind the door, every spot is welcome. Feel free to find a creative place, because that way you can keep your cat going for a long time. Boxes are also known hiding places, where cats love to crawl. The game fits in with their natural hunting instinct – sneaking unnoticed and then lying down in an ambush. Take this opportunity for pleasure absolutely, because it is a simple possibility to connect games with tension and stimulation of intelligence.

Free apps for cats

Most cats are also completely happy with cat-friendly apps. ‘Game for Cats’ and the sequel ‘Game for Cats 2’ are at the top of the rankings. In this game the cat hunts for a laser pointer. When he gets the point, a clear tone sounds and dissolves in a pink cloud. In version two, mice, cats or butterflies move instead of simple dots. With ‘Paw Me’ your cat can compete against other, unknown cats via the internet. The game works on the same principle as ‘Game for Cats’.

It usually doesn’t take long before you find an opponent. A large number of objects that you can choose yourself move across the screen. If one of the two cats gets one, it dissolves in a cheerful cloud. Very nice: where the cats have touched the screen, you will see a small circle.

Always keep an eye on things when your cat is playing so that she does not accidentally swallow or get stuck on something. Check all toys regularly for damage.

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