Facts about the average lifespan of a cat , How long do cats live?

How long do cats live if they are outdoor cats ?

A number of factors can influence the life expectancy of outdoor cats. “Outside” means something else depending on where a cat lives and how the cat lives. Do you live in a city, a village, a rural location or a city location? How many neighbors also have outdoor cats? Do you live in an environment with predators? Are there wild or stray animals in the area? Is the weather suitable for outdoor living all year round? How close do you live to busy roads?

These are all factors that can influence life expectancy. Other factors are increased exposure to fleas, ticks , and other parasites and diseases. Outdoors, cats can get caught up in fights and problems with other cats and are at increased risk of accidents.

However, they also have the freedom to explore, involve their favorite fencing in their territory and get natural exercise. Because there are so many more unpredictable variables, the numbers are not very high and life expectancy varies greatly between 3 to 10 years. The average life expectancy for outdoor cats is 5,625 years.

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