9 facts about black cats

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black cats facts
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1. The fable that black cats bring bad luck from the Middle Ages comes

Perhaps it was their mysterious appearance or their silent sneak through the night. We do not know the reason exactly, but somewhere in the 14th century people started to associate black cats with the Devil and witchcraft. According to superstition, a witch could even take the form of a black cat. In medieval Europe the poor black cat (and his owner) was often the victim of all kinds of atrocities.

2. Bringing black cats in England just luck

Fortunately, there are also places in the world where it is claimed that the black cat brings good luck. English sailors would rather not go on board if a black cat had not been included. Not only did the cat catch mice and he was a nice companion, but he also guaranteed a safe return journey. And still the British believe that if a black cat crosses your path, happiness is on your side.

3. The Japanese black lucky kitten brings prosperity and more

The maneki neko, the famous Japanese lucky kitten, was originally white. But nowadays you also increasingly see a black variant. With his staggering leg he says in his pudgy way: give me money. Lucky8cats in Amsterdam came up with a modern edition, which is available with, among other things, the three Amsterdam city crosses or plain black. The latter would help you with difficult life choices and protect you from emotional stress.

4. Black cats can turn brown in the sun

A black cat can turn brown through many sunbathing. The sun breaks the existing eumelanin (which provides the black color) in the coat, so that the underlying brown-red pigment becomes visible. When he is back on the couch in the winter, he gets his black color back.
We suddenly realize why our Valencia and Suus are so eager to catch every ray of sunshine in front of the window.

5. The black cat has not inherited its color from the black panther

Scientists have discovered that the color of the black house cat has a different genetic cause than the black panther. This means that the black cat has not simply inherited its color from its great cousin, but that it has adapted itself to later generations. Even in our busy cities, the cat was smartly engaged in survival; the black color offered a good camouflage.

6. Black cats occur in different cat breeds

There are more than 20 different breeds in which cats with a completely black coat occur. The best known is the Bombay: a short-haired, completely black cat with yellow eyes. His name and resemblance to a black panther is not accidental. The breed was bred in the 1950s by crossing a Burmese and black American Shorthair, with the wish that he would resemble the Indian black panther.

7. Black cats are adopted as often as other cats

We could copy our records, but we already know for sure: black cats are adopted just as quickly as the other cats. An American researcher made work of it and in 2016 collected data from as many as 65 asylums. It turned out that black cats were placed more often than cats with a different color.

8. Black cats are popular in art

All cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt, but the black cat took a very special place. The famous mythological images of a black cat represent the goddess Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of fertility.
Later artists were also inspired by the magical black cat. Consider, for example, the famous print ‘Le Chat Noir’ by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen or the photographs by Ed van der Elsken: all to be seen in the Kattenkabinet.

9. Inspire black cats among the best cat names

What do you think of Diesel, Sylvester, Blacky, Venco, Batman, Lou, Droppie, Mickey, Lucky, Bagheera … Do you remember one? Let us know, we are always looking for nice names?

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