Do cats need baths ? how to bathe a cat ?

How to bathe a cat?
Cat need baths
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Cats are independent creatures and they do their grooming themselves. But sometimes they need your help from time to another. Do cats need baths? well yes, a cat bath is necessary even if your cat keeps leaking its fur the entire day, especially when the hair gets longer or when your kid gets hurt. So, how to bathe a cat safely?

Do cats need baths ? how to bathe a cat ?

The smartest thing to do is to start making your cat get used to been brushed and touched from the kittenhood. But you can always start at any point. Here are some tips to help you when bathing a cat:

How to bathe a cat?

  1. The best way to give a cat a bath is by starting to brush your kitty’s fur. If she refuses, start small; each day schedule a brushing session, make sure that you do it with kindness, praises and a lot of treats. Day after day, your cat will consider those moments as sweet spoiling!
  2. In case your kitty has long hair, it’s useful to use a comb, which is also useful when bathing cat with fleas. Try starting with the spots your cat prefers; usually the chin and the cup. If you bump into knots in the fur use sharp scissors to remove them.
  3. If your cat has short hair, use an elastic brush, don’t forget to wet it before you start brushing, this prevents loose hair from flying in the air.
  4. When you want to cat bathe, remember to use a pet-friendly anti-dandruff shampoo cats and not any bathe products which can harm your cat. Make sure that the place is warm and that you close all the doors and windows.
  5. If the bathtub makes your cat stressed and uncomfortable, try having the cat bath in the sink. Around ten centimeters of warm water is enough to put your cat into; just above its paw. Start by cleaning her ears before you leave her in the water, it’s the easiest way to bathe a cat.
  6. Clean her ears using a wet cotton mop, of course, moist with warm water. DO NOT try cleaning her ear canals; keep the cleaning in the apparent parts of her ears only.
  7. Rubber gloves will help you control better your kitty during a cat bath. Put them on, and kindly seize your cat by the neck and smoothly put it in the water.
  8. Wet the back, the belly, and the paws. A plastic cut to pour the water would help, and keep in mind that most cats get frightened by the shower head.
  9. Put on some shampoo on your kitty’s fur, start gently rubbing to distribute it all over the fur before you rinse it off.
  10. Pet shampoos don’t itch your cat’s eyes or ears, but it’s good to avoid those areas. Also during your cat bath avoid using so much shampoo; it will only make it hard to rinse off your cat.
  11. After bathing a cat, make sure you have a warm towel already prepared for your kitty. If your kid doesn’t fear the sound you can also, blow dry her hair.
  12. Don’t be surprised if, after this perfect cat bath, she starts licking her fur; it’s just her way of making it the way she was always used to.

Is it bad to give your cat a bath?

Too much cat baths can ruin the fur and the natural balance of the hair and skin. So if you’re still asking yourself questions like: “do cats need a bath ? » or “is it ok to bathe a cat? “you should know that baths are useful only in exceptional cases, for instance, when she gets her hair stained with mud and comes to you all dirty.

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