Do cats know their names?

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Is the name of a cat important to him? And does that name have to meet certain requirements, can you give another person a new name? Also a nice new topic for me to delve into!

Crazy name

Cats can get the strangest names. And I’m not even talking about the exotic variants that some purebred cats get, even with ‘normal’ domestic cats you sometimes hear strange names. Why is a cat called ‘Kachel’, or ‘Diva’, or a duo ‘Stoffer’ and ‘Blik’?

Musicians and heroes

The International Society of Anthrozoology recently investigated what we are influenced by when we search for names:

  • 25% of people are inspired by musicians, actors, sports heroes or actors
  • 22% of pets are named after unknown people (Max, Ben, etc.)
  • 20% of pets have a relationship with the character or appearance of the animal (Fluffy, Spot, Patch etc.)
  • the origin of the cat or an object plays a role in 19% (Pumpkin, Biscuit, etc.).

How important is the name?

Because dogs are called more often than cats, more information and research can be found. It is said that it is better not to take a name with sounds that look like commands (if you like to use ‘no’, you should not call your dog ‘René’). Short names do well, two syllables call better than one. People also often seem to prefer a name that ends with a -i (e). Dogs would also respond well to vowels such as e, a and i.

And what does the cat think?

Unfortunately, hardly any research can be found in cats. It seems that cats respond better to high voices and therefore prefer women’s voices to men’s. Although cats seem to listen to their name, chances are that they respond to the sound, sound and pitch of your voice. My first cat was known as ‘Poes’ and responded to everything with an oe sound in it.

Call like strangers

In any case, it has been investigated that a cat recognizes the owner’s voice. Even if he has previously been called by strangers, he responds more to the voice of the owner. Now don’t expect your cat to come running screaming at you when you call him. A movement of the ear or head toward the sound is sometimes the best that you can expect. Because of course we are talking about cats here …


So it seems that what you call him is not that important to a cat. Then it probably doesn’t make much difference if you give a replacer a different name because you think it fits better with him. I think many cats already have two names: an ‘official’ and one for daily (call) use. But if it feels better to you, you can of course continue using the old name of your new cat.

The most popular cat names

Are you still looking for inspiration for a new cat or are you just curious? According to Reaal Dier & Zorg, these were the most popular cat names in 2018: Luna, Pip, Nala, Coco and Max.

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