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If you’re annoyed by loose cat hair, cats that don’t shed are the right companions for you. Cat hair is bothering. It sticks everywhere and doesn’t get removed. But you like having cats around, what can you do?… It’s who you are!- I get you, I am a cat lover myself!-. They’re fun. They’re heartwarming. They’re adorable. And they make your life better. So how can you not like them?!

Wait a minute, are there cats that don’t shed? I know it’s surprising for some. You must think “Bummer! I spent my whole life depriving myself of the beauty of having a little kitty because of their dander!” Well, my friend, this is your moment, you still have a choice and adopt one of these cuties!

Unfortunately, everything has its downsides, even having a cute furball. For some people, cat hair in everything they touch is another thing to deal with. For some others it’s gross. But for people who are allergic to cat hair, it’s life-threatening.

On the bright side, allergic people who want to have a cat have a choice. Non-shedding cats are for them. But, for cat allergies, you need to be specific. Because if you’re allergic to protein Fel D1, then it’s not the cat hair you should worry about, it’s mainly its sweat and saliva. Thus, you need to think about the reason why you want a adopt cats that shed less. If it’s for your cat allergies, this might not solve your issue. But, if you have a problem with cat hair only, or if cat hair keeps bothering you then it’s your best option.

Also, keep in mind that the non-shedding is only one aspect. If you want to adopt a kitty, you need to think about a lot of things such as: whether the cat will be convenient for your lifestyle, the time you’re going to be spending with it, the care it needs, the resources you have…

And a bunch of other stuff that you need to figure out. Luckily, there’s a lot of different cat breeds. Which will allow you to find the one that suits you. You can consider cats with no hair, they’re on top of the non-shedding cats.

And, here’s a list of cats that don’t shed. Not all of them of course, because….well, it’s not national geographic, but it’s a lot you can learn from. So enjoy!

1. Sphynx :

cats that don't shed
Sphinx cat

Do all cats shed a lot? No my friend and this breed is the perfect example. The sphynx or as some might call it “the elf of Poudlard”- for Harry Potter fans- (and by some I mean me!) is a very special cat. If you’re wondering “Which cat sheds the least hair?” it’s the sphynx. Because…well, he doesn’t shed at all! He’s “naked” and very fragile in terms of skin sensitivity.

However, you want to keep in mind that he has skin follicles all over his body. And they’re covered with tiny hairs. They’re very fine to the point that you can neither feel or see them.
It’s a cat breed they might look weird but there skin is very soft. It even needs extra care. Because it’s the hair that’s responsible for absorbing the sweat and the skin oils. But since it’s obviously not there, you need to maintain a regular bathing schedule.

Also, they need to be protected from sunlight. Don’t worry it’s not a vampire! Their soft sensitive skin doesn’t support being exposed to sunlight for long periods

2. Siamese cats:

Top Cats That Don't Shed
One of the cats that don’t shed much is the Siamese. It’s an exotic breed that was exported from Thailand since the late 1800s. Its name refers to Siam which is the ancient name of Thailand.

It’s one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. With its fine majestic coat and its friendly personality, this Breed has captivated the hearts of millions of cat lovers.

And even though it looks fluffy, its coat doesn’t shed much. It’s easy ta take care of and to comb using a nice toothcomb. Also, It only needs to be groomed once a week, to distribute the oil on the fur, and to get rid of dander.

3. Japanese Bobtail cats :

It one of the cats that don’t shed much. Originated from Japan, they’re known with their bobbed tail. It’s been compared many times to a rabbit tail. And some say that the bobbed tail is a singularity, as, like a fingerprint, no two bobbed tails are alike.

These single coated cats are very meticulous. They like to groom a lot, so you don’t need much to keep their fur clean. And all you need is a good toothcomb to brush their fur regularly to remove dead hair and leave room to new ones.

4. Devon Rex :

If you’re one of the people asking “What cats are hypoallergenic and don’t shed?” the devon Rex are the ones.
Even though they look like elves. Their smart, cute, playful, and people-friendly. You will want them in your life the moment you meet them, and the best thing is that they don’t need much in terms of care.

They don’t shed at all. And grooming them is easy and doesn’t need to be done daily.

5. Oriental Shorthair Cats:

They’re the Siamese cats cousins. They share the same roots, so no wonder that they share the same capillary condition too. They have short, soft, and smooth hair that doesn’t need much, like their relatives. And their one the cat breeds that don’t shed much.
You just need to keep in mind that they require a lot of attention and affection!

6. Cornish Rex:

These cats that somehow look like kangaroos are cats that shed less. They have wavy short and soft hair. The softness in their hair is due to a genetic mutation. And even if there are cats that don’t shed much, they are not hypoallergic, as they do shed but not as much as other cat breeds.

7. Russian Blue cats:

If we’re talking about non-shedding cats, we shouldn’t forget the Russian Blue cats. Their snuggly and have perfect hair. It’s luxurious, thick, short and it doesn’t fall often. If not through two or three week period, once or twice a year, these cats don’t shed much. And most importantly, their hair doesn’t need a lot of grooming, and easy to take care of.

8. Birman cats:

These little cuteness bombs have a non-matted hair, which makes it easy to comb, this makes them one of the cats that shed the least. Thus, they’re easy to groom.

9. Siberian cats:

The Siberian cats have a majestic coat that needs to be groomed and taken care of much often. However, weirdly enough, even if it’s heavy en long it doesn’t shed a lot. All they need it to be groomed regularly to keep their hair that magnificent. It takes effort, but it doesn’t cause you dander though!

10. British Shorthair cats:

These ladies and gentle cats originate from Rome. Yes, my friends… the one who names them probably neglected their origins and made them new ones…or was simply drunk!

They have a rich fur that’s easy to groom. Nice regular combing will do the job. Even though they have dense hair and no undercoat, they are one of the cat breeds that don’t shed much.

Frequent questions

Why do some cats not shed?

Cats like people are different and each one of them is unique. Let alone that each breed has it’s own specificities, including the shedding, that make them different than the others.

Also, to survive until the present era, each race had to develop and adapted its conditions to many changes over the centuries, including skin and fur characteristics. And some races ended up with no hair or with less shedding hair.

What cats shed the most?

There are plenty of cats that shed the most, some of them are the American Bobtail Cats, the Chartreux Cats, the Nebelung Cats, the Ragamuffin Cats, the American Curl Cats, and the Cymric Cats. And of course, there are so many that aren’t mentioned here on this list.

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