FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture Tiger Tough Cat Tree

FurHaven Pet Cat Furniture Tiger Tough Cat Tree

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Having a kitty requires having indoor furniture that permits them to exercise their natural cat instincts which are scratching and climbing everything around. That is why having indoor cats trees, cats towers and cat posts is very important. However, just like any furniture, in order to pick the cats trees for your kitties you need reviews, studying your own criteria, understanding the product features, and jumping into the pros and cons of the product, its different designs, and configurations.

A cat tree that suits your cat will get him to exercise more, prevents boredom, and most of all have an entertainment spot where he can enjoy hanging out alone or with his bodies.

Best Cat Activity Trees

Based on Amazon reviews here is a selection of the best cat trees on amazon, with their costs, the way they perform in assembly tests and many other criteria to consider:

The first of the top rated cat trees: The Go Pet Club 72-Inch Cat Tree:

Go Pet Club Cat Tree
If you’re looking for high-quality cat trees at a reasonable price, a rating of 4.6 on Amazon with more than 5,000 excellent reviews, then the Go Pet Club Cat Trees are exactly what you need. According to users, this product is adequate for both small and large kitties. Also, it has everything fluffy needs to stay entertained, healthy and safe. Plus, it includes a lot of places where your kitty can hide, lay and scratch. And finally, it encourages climbing trees for cats.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is 38” x 27” x 62”. It’s made of strong materials such as compressed wood and it’s covered with a fake fur material, which allows your kitty to lay down comfortably. Moreover, it contains three steps to climb on, a ladder, a hammock, and more features. There are also some hanging toy mice for more entertainment for your kitties and many scratching posts to give them a place to sharpen their claws as well. This product needs to be assembled, but don’t worry, it comes with step by step instructions and all the necessary tools.

With a price tag of this cat tree on Amazon of $80, and with such reviews from people highly recommending it, due to the quality of its craftsmanship and the simplicity of its setup, it’s a real investment for cat owners, and so far it’s one of the best cat trees for kittens.

Its features:

  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Has 10 scratching posts with 15 steps
  • Perfect for a house full of kitties

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Runner-Up: Armarkat Cat Tree

cat tree amazon
Another great choice for your furry mate is the Armarkat Cat Tree. It comes in various sizes, and even contains a lot of perches and a ball toy to entertain your baby cat.

According to parents who have tested it, it’s a product easy to assemble with the Allen key included; the material is strong and stands to scratch and picking over time. Some people comment about the base saying that it’s not entirely stable when many cats jump on top of it, but this could be solved just by putting some weights on the bottom board.

The price tag is this cat tree on Amazon is $46, which is far less expensive than the top choice of the best cat trees. But even with fewer levels to lay on, it’s made of pressed wood, and its 500 cat tree reviews rated it with 4.1 on Amazon, which says a lot about its endurance and its efficiency as a solid piece of furniture.

Its features:

  • Enduring fur covering
  • Sisal rope-wrapped poles to scratch on
  • A neutral color which permits it to blend with every design

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OxGord Paws & Pals Cat Tree House:

Image source : Amazon -Cat Tree Condo Tower Post for Indoor Cats

If you’re looking for an affordable option that provides your cat with optimal health and extra entertainment, then the OxGord Paws & Pals Cat Tree House is definitely what you’re looking for. With a basic option, and without a lot of bells and whistles, it provides cats with a base level to laze on, with a hammock bed, a hanging ball to hit, plus two posts wrapped with sisal rope for scratching.

A lot of parents noticed that their cats were spending an amusing time in it, and also recommended it for the simplicity of its set up. Some went even further and explained how their finicky kitty couldn’t find amusement with any other cat tree but this one, which proves that it’s definitely one of the best cat trees out there.

Its price doesn’t go beyond $22, it’s an affordable option for parents who want to get something special for their kitty. Over 500 people have reviewed it so far, and have rated it with 4.3 on Amazon.

Its Features:

  • Easy to quickly assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Wide and strong base

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SONGMICS 67″ Cat Tree Tower

Image source : Amazon – FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats, with Cozy Perches, Stable

If you have many kitties that are large the SONGMICS 67″ Cat Tree Tower is your cat tree. It supports the largest cats, and thanks to its large and steady construction with many rooms in it, cat owners can be relieved when it comes to their kids’ safety. Plus for more stability, you can just put it against the wall. Moreover, the perches are covered with a really soft material, and it also contains many sisal covered poles for scratching.

Cat parents who have tried it pointed out at its stability, even when multiple cats jump on top of it at the same time, they also appreciate the many perches it contains which adds more comfort to their kitties. Plus many people have mentioned the company’s great customer service that is ready to jump in to solve any issue related to the product at any time.

The price tag of this beautiful piece is $139, this might be the most expensive piece of our selection, but its craft, stability, soft fabric, and its many places to laze in, this price is just a great investment for cat owners who seek to find the best cat trees for kittens. Furthermore, it was rated by nearly 300 people with 4.7 on Amazon which proves what a great investment you can make when buying it to your kid.

Its features:

  • Many colors to choose from
  • A warranty of 30 months
  • Made with CARB-certified natural particle boards

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Best Cat Condo: BestPet 73-Inch Cat Tree Scratcher

Image source : Amazon – BestPet Cat Tree Cat Tower Cat Condo Tall Multi-Level Playpen House Kitty Activity Tree Center with Funny Toys,57-72inches

You have many kitties in the household and you want a cat tree that can entertain them all, so the BestPet 73-Inch Cat Tree Scratcher is ideal for you. It offers many places for kitties to lie in, a perch and two houses with different sizes for a good cat nappy. Plus, the height cats love, is exactly what they can find in this tower, along with a strong base to maintain the balance, which relieves cat parents and makes them assured of their kid’s safety.

Pet parents like the comfortable softcover, and the simplicity to assemble such a strong and steady condo. However, some might have found complications when attaching the stairs, but it’s not really a problem, according to them, mostly you don’t really need them.

Its price tag is $50; it’s a wonderful and budget-friendly tree to get your cats who want more space, more height and lots of entertainment. It was reviewed by almost 1,500 people who gave it a rating of 3.8 on Amazon.

Its Features:

  • Many colors choices
  • Perfect for a household full of cats
  • Adds more entertainment with many hanged toys

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Best cat trees for Large Cats: Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

Photo source : Amazon-Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed

If you’re a proud owner of a large cats such as Maine Coons, and you’re afraid that normal sized cat trees wouldn’t fit your babe, don’t worry because the Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed exist and it’s exactly what you’re looking for; it’s a cat tree that can lodge even the largest cats out there, according to the reviewers who have tried it.

The Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post and Bed is 19” x 21” x 37” tall. One of the pros of this product is that it doesn’t need to be assembled. It’s all covered with a high-quality carpet material, also with two perches, a simple design in comparison with other products and sisal ropes to scratch on, your kitty has everything it needs to stay entertained, healthy and happy

According to reviewers, it’s a must-have for people who have large cats; as it’s strong and steady. One of the satisfied reviewers has even commented saying that her 20-pound cat fits perfectly on the beds and likes to sharpen her claws in the scratching post.

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Who is concerned with buying cat trees?

Every home accommodating kitties has to have a cat tree. Cats are natural climbers, and if you have an indoor cat, walking it even if it’s on a regular basis, might not make him fulfilled. Having a cat tree at home entertains your kitties, fulfill their climbing and playing instincts, plus it keeps them healthy and happy.

It’s also important to have a cat tree in the house if you have kitties so they can have a place to scratch in. Also when you have a dog in the house, your kitty would probably want to have a high place to hide in and have a quiet moment.

Finally regardless if you have other pets in the house or not, having a cat tree in your indoors for your kitties is a must; as it preserves their natural skills.

Criteria to take in consideration:

All the best cat trees have many levels to climb, perches, and scratching posts for your kitty. If there’s a toy hanged in the tree for added fun, that’s a good thing to consider too. In this list we gathered the criteria you need to consider when choosing your babe a cat tree:

  • Altitude: cats feel safer if they are in a high place, that’s why it’s important when looking to buy a cat tree, see if it’s high enough for your kitty.
  • Levels: Cats are natural climbers when looking for a cat tree; make sure it has many steady and strong levels.
  • Toys: Kitties are very playful creatures, Felines appreciate a good play, and the inclusion of a toy mouse or ball on a string with your cat tree can help to satisfy their prey drive.
  • Constituents: It’s best if you look for durable materials; as your pet friend is going to spend so much time on it. Sisal covered poles are good for scratching and plywood is also excellent, strong and durable.
  • Base: It’s very important not to neglect how stable the base of the tree is. With your pet jumping up and down on it, it needs to be resilient and strong to support any applied force.
  • Price: With different shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find the cat tree that suits you, you just need to decide what budget you want to invest in and start looking. In general, their prices vary from $20-$300 or more.
  • Cat size: If you have many large furry friends you definitely should take that into consideration; you’ll need to look for steadier and stronger cat trees. Plus if you have many kitties it’s important that it doesn’t fall easily once they’re all lazing on top of it.
  • Dimensions and shapes: There’s a variety of cat trees in the market, from the simple ones to the most complicated ones. Depending on how much space you‘ve got, how much kitties you have, the number of levels you wish to have in a tree and the kind of design you want for it. All of these standards are taken into consideration and based on them you can find the right cat tree with the right dimensions and shapes for you.

Common questions:

What’s a cat tree and what does it do?

felines are natural climbers, they need to be in high places, many levels to play in and also need at least one scratching tree for cats. A cat tree is a piece of furniture that allows an indoor kitty to keep all of these natural instincts and enjoy them inside the household.

How can I make my cat like her cat tree?

Likewise everything new to your kitty, it’s going to be a bit hard to make her get used to it or even approach it. But with treats and a lot of patience, your cat will finally get used to it and even like it. To help it a little, put the tree somewhere your kitty spends most of its time. Also, try putting some of your favorite cat treats and toys in and on different areas of the tree to attract her up.

Another way to deal with it is by spreading catnip all over it, you can either rub it against the tree or use the catnip spray to spray it over it.

If you put her favorite blanket on the tree for a familiar scent on it, it would also help a lot. Finally, don’t be persistent, if your cat doesn’t wish to approach her new toy, let her be, show her a lot of affection, and even more when she approaches it so that she associates that good feeling with the new toy.

What kind of cat trees should I buy?

Some of the best cat trees exist now in the market, from large to small, from complicated to simple, all kinds of designs are available, you can even find outdoor trees or trees that look like real trees. What matters the most is that you find the cat tree you personally need according to your own situation, for this you can consider the criteria we mentioned below before you buy a cat tree.

What makes my cats not sleep in their cat condos anymore?

Many reasons can make your cats refuse to sleep in there condos. It could be the scent of a new cat, or it could simply be that they want to change the spot they used to sleep in, or it could be a lot of reasons, that’s not a simple question to answer. Some people’s cats returned to sleeping in the condos right after the owners warmed the place a little, some others came back when their owners somehow kept their scent in the condos. It’s a very personalized situation to deal with.

Other reviewed cat trees:

Although the next selection didn’t make it to the top 5 best cat trees, we wanted to give you guys more choices, and so we made a detailed list of 20 more cat trees that can interest you.

Best cat towers :

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower
Best cat towers : The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower
Photo source : Amazon

This cat tower includes all that your kitty might need, plus an astonishing design that goes superb with every room it’s placed in.
Its features:

  • Many color choices to pick from
  • Velcro is used to attach the carpet
  • Covers that are washable

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