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You can have the perfect box with the most expensive litter, if the location doesn’t suit Fluffy your litter box will easily find itself rejected. But unfortunately, not all of the cat owners give enough attention to this tiny yet important detail. A wrong location can lead to cat spraying all over the house.

Location is the key! Not only to buy a house but also to put a litter box.

A cat owner should be award with one important truth about the litter box: DO NOT put it next to food and water.
A lot of cat owners have the misbelieve that having the litter box right next to where the kitty eats and drinks, it would remind them to use it. But, this exact thought has a totally opposed result as it triggers the litter box rejection and thus, the cat spraying problem.

Discover how you can make your cat enjoy the location of her litterbox

When you place the litter box side by side with the food and water bowls, you confuse your cat. Your feline then finds itself confronting a very interesting choice: To keep that spot for food and water or to make it a place to litter. Since there’s only one spot to eat and drink in, than for your pet the choice is made; He will keep the location for food, and there you have: cat spraying everywhere in the house.

Of course, if you have no choice, there’s nothing to do, but at least try putting the litter box as far as you can from food and water bowls.
Most cat owners choose the obvious place for the box, which is the bathroom. It’s a reasonable choice; as it makes the cleaning easy and to regularly clear it away possible.

Keep in mind though that in case many showers were taken there, the litter box would be humid and then takes a long time to dry.
Another obvious choice is the laundry room, it’s a good location since it’s easy to clean and it has no carpets in. The only disadvantage of this room is that when your kitty wants to use the litter box while the washing machine is doing its spin cycles, the sound might scare your cat and make him reject the litter box, which will lead to the spraying cat problem.

The ideal location for your kitten would be a silent place in the house, far from traffic sounds and all kind of bothering sounds for your kitty. However, it shouldn’t be a place that you forget to check on a daily basis.

You need to keep checking the litter box twice a day. If you have a cat that prefers to do its business in the free outdoors, then so be it! But always keep a litter box inside, in case the cat doesn’t leave the house because of bad weather or tiredness or so.

what does it mean when a cat sprays? And when does a male cat start spraying?

Cat spaying happens when your cat is stressed about something, if you’re asking yourself “Do female cats spray ?» then the answer is:Yes, females spray too when stressed. If you have more than one cat, the first reason for stress to think of is the territorial fights. And one litter box for all the kitties is an obvious stress trigger.

Not only because one litter box could easily get dirty, but because it’s more than a littering place, it’s a part of each cat’s territory; littering in it is more than what it looks like, it’s reinforcing cats marking territory.

How to stop cats from spraying?

If you have more than one kitty in the house, it’s necessary that the number of cats equals the number of boxes. if you have multiple cats in a single territory it might lead to urine cat spraying in the house and to a lot of cat fighting as well. To answer the question” how do I get my male cat to stop spraying ?” you need to stop cat marking territories which can be if each cat has its owns inside the household, this works for females too.

If you want to know how to stop cats spraying after you made sure that stress isn’t the reason behind this behavior, try cat spraying deterrent, they’re very efficient and also clean the urine once your cat sprays.

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Finally, if you tried everything and still cat spraying continues, then visit the vet. Also, it’s always best to consult the vet before using anything different on your kitty.

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