Why is my cat peeing on my clothes?

Remember when you dream yourself in the toilet and start getting your pant wet while sleeping? Well, cat peeing everywhere except where it’s supposed to be is pretty much the same. Not only your kitty can have a behavioral issue, but it can also be suffering from a medical one or a little bit of both.

Cat’s pee contains concentrated amounts of ammonia, which deteriorates fabric and stinks like hell.
Cat peeing outside litter box has various causes, and to resolve it we need to address the main issues lying behind it. So what does it mean when my cat pees on my clothes? And, how to stop a cat from peeing?

Why does my cat pee on clean laundry?

Your cat may start peeing everywhere it shouldn’t be, on your clean laundry, on the dirty one, on the brand new sofa…and all the wrong places. However, it isn’t the matter you should be worried about, as this can be a deep-rooted issue you need to deal with in the long run.

Behavioral issues:

When welcoming a cat into your household, whether it’s from a shelter or another foster family, you need to expect behavioral difficulties. Cats have been in the wilderness for so long that their cohabitation with humans can take them way out of their comfort zone.

To put it into perspective, one of the principal reasons your cat pees everywhere is to mark his territory. You sure wonder why would he need to? Well, according to behavioral professionals, cats like to mark their area for three main reasons:

To express dominance over you:

This is especially common among male cats. They like to mark the territory to show you who’s the boss! It’s the way their wild cousins deal with others in the wilderness. To decrease the intensity of this tendency spaying might be your solution.

Your cat is in heat and tries to attract a mate to couple up:

If you have a female kitty, when she enters the estrus phase you’ll likely smell her urine everywhere! When in heat, female sprays everywhere around to attract their male counterparts.

Fluffy is insecure and unstable and tried to find a regular spot to hang out:

Cat peeing out of the litter box is sometimes due to stress issues. Cats need to feel safe and confident about their environment. If your Tom hears the sudden sound or the washing machine or has to deal with guests’ kids or any new situation for him, it might be frightening for him. There are a lot of elements that can make your sensitive kitty stressed and anxious. Thus, Fluffy starts his calming therapy, which is peeing in his territory. And your pile of clean laundry might be his starting point. A steady routine filled with quality play and cuddle time might be the right next thing for you to do in this case.

Litter box related issues:

There are a lot of different types of litter boxes in the market, and that’s for a good reason. Every cat is unique and has its preferences including the litter box. Many are the reasons why your kitty might resent it:

  • You forgot clearing it.
  • You changed it to a new one. But your kitty couldn’t get used to the new unfamiliar scent.
  • Another pet used it, thus left his scent behind.
  • Too much litter in the box.
  • The box is located in a noisy place.
  • The size of it is small which makes it uncomfortable.

When it comes to the litter box, it’s important to keep it clean and you should save one on every floor of the house. Also, if you have many kitties, each one of them should have its own in different corners of the house.
Indoor kitties have so little options when it comes to littering. Thus, the moment there’s something wrong with the litter box they start looking for the next familiar and comfortable option, such as your clothes or your sofa.

It’s comfy….daaa!

Sometimes your kitty might refuse to use the litter box for the simple reason that it’s uncomfortable. So your body starts using his instincts to find an adequate alternative for peeing. And without further thinking, he uses the closes thing both to his reach and his heart: your pile of laundry; they’re comfy and they contain his person’s smell: yours.
Also, if you’re asking yourself “Why does my cat pee on my dirty laundry?” you should know that you’re his favorite human. And urination in your environment serves sometimes to send you love messages, which is the way felines communicate theirs. So embrace it mate!

Time to dig into medical causes!

Sometimes medical reasons lie behind cat peeing. Before making it a behavioral issue, start looking for medical issues and here are the main ones:

Urinary tract infections:

It’s a common infection among female senior cats. If it hurts when peeing, your kitty is likely to associate the pain with the litter box. And so she will use the sexy warm soft pile of dirty laundry you left filled with your smell.


Cat peeing can be due to Tom’s incontinence. In this case, a lot of accidents will happen and you need to be prepared to tolerate them. This can be due to a lot of medical reasons such as:

  • Hereditary reasons
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Bladder’s trauma
  • Nerve damage around the bladder
  • Cat’s cognitive dysfunction
  • Kidney failure

Visit your vet first and if after running the tests a medical reason turns out to be the reason, follow your vet’s medical treatment. This can be solved with the right medical plan.

I crave your attention, body!

Cats are very stoic pets. However, the claim that cats don’t care nor show emotions is wrong. And neglecting your kitty for whatever reason will trigger a lot of weird behaviors to catch your attention once again like peeing outside the litter box.

And because your cat has noticed that your clothes are important to you, I mean…obviously! You’re wearing them every day; he’s leaving there his pee to remind you of his existence.

Try having a consistent routine packed with quality play time, and giving your kitty the attention he wants. With time, if you insure him things will go back to normal again.

How do I stop my cat from peeing on my clothes?

The first thing you want to think about when trying to figure out how to stop a cat from peeing is to find out the reason behind this nasty behavior.

First try keeping your kitty in a room by itself with everything he needs (litter tray, food, water, toys…), with no clothes in it of course. Then, try following a routine with your kitty that contains playtime. Your furry ball will then have a safe environment all for itself with expected cuddle moments with you daily.

If the cat peeing continues then you must take him to the vet. The professional will run all the necessary tests before concluding. Once you know the reason behind it you can proceed with the right treatment, whether it’s medical or behavioral.

Does cat pee wash out of clothes?

If you’re worried about the stains left by the pee, then you need to know that white vinegar and baking soda work wonders.

Cats don’t respond to punishment, they respond to repetition, restrictions, and love. You’re supposed to be the guardian of this little cute defenseless creature. Do not scold him for a «natural” behavior. Instead, try adjusting it to the new lifestyle. Fill him with love. Give it time and patient. Eventually, it will all be worth it. Hang on there mate!

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